research in the CBE

Our principles

  • We are a dynamic learning community with an open disposition towards research that seeks to explore and discover optimal ways of learning
  • We believe that educational research plays a pivotal role in continuous improvement and developing innovative practices
  • The Calgary Board of Education (CBE) values its many relationships with researchers from a variety of universities, agencies and institutions

Research integrity

The Calgary Board of Education considers applications that demonstrate:

  • Integrity of the research process
  • Potential benefit to students and staff
  • High standards in methodology as outlined in the CBE Research Application
  • Alignment with CBE's governance policy

Caring for students and staff

  • CBE protects students and staff through rigorous review of the ethics protocol
  • Applications are reviewed by our research review committee according to criteria outlined in the Research Review Guidelines

Celebrating our research

  • We celebrate research that holds promise for  informing and improving teaching and learning
  • We celebrate research that holds promise for developing innovative practices
  • We request permission for CBE staff to access research conducted within the CBE in order to promote continuous improvement

We are accessible

  • All information on CBE research protocol is found by clicking on the links in the sidebar
  • Please send completed research applications to

For further information please contact:

Pat Kover
t | 403-817-7514





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