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If you have a question about the Calgary Board of Education or public schooling in Calgary, please call our Public Information Centre during working hours (403-817-7955).

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Number of schools 228
Elementary 133  
Elementary/Middle/Junior High 34  
Junior High 20  
Junior/Senior High 7  
El/Jr/Sr (Homeschooling) 1  
Senior High 17  
Unique Settings/Outreach Programs 15  
Career and Technology Centre 1  

Alphabetical list of schools (includes addresses and phone numbers)


Number of students as at Oct. 15, 2014

More than 110,000 students, including students in CBe-learn and Chinook Learning Services.

Pre-kindergarten 181
Kindergarten 9,169
Grades 1-3 27,636
Grades 4-6 23,603
Grades 7-9 22,237
Grades 10-12 26,420
Homeschooling 248
Outreach Programs 1,280
Unique Settings 690
CBe-learn 588
Chinook Learning Services 2,393
Total Enrolment 114,472



Operating budget

This information is excerpted from the CBE's 2014-15 Approved Operating Budget


$1,230 million


$1,212 million

Operating deficit

$ 18 million


CBE site addresses

Education Centre
1221 – 8 Street SW
Calgary, AB T2R 0L4

Area I Office
Parkdale Centre
728 – 32 Street NW
Calgary, AB T2N 2V9

Employee Health Resource Centre
Buchanan School – West Wing
3717 Centre Street NW
Calgary, AB T2E 2Y2

Area II Office
Mount View Centre
2004 – 4 Street NE
Calgary, AB T2E 3T8
Erlton Campus
24 – 28 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2S 1Y1
Area III Office
Marlborough Centre
4711 Maryvale Drive NE
Calgary, AB T2A 3A1
3610 – 9 Street SE
Calgary, AB T2G 3C5
Area IV Office
A.E. Cross School
3445 - 37 Street SW
Calgary, AB T3E 3C2

Parkdale Centre
728 - 32 Street NW
Calgary AB T2N 2V9

Area V Office
Haysboro Centre
1123 – 87 Avenue SW
Calgary AB T2V 0W2
Multicultural Services
Kingsland Centre, in Kingsland School
7430 – 5 Street SW
Calgary AB T2V 1B1


Curriculum & Learning Technologies
Education Centre
1221 – 8 Street SW
Calgary AB T2R 0L4

Viscount Bennett Centre
2519 Richmond Road SW
Calgary AB T3E 4M2




Trustees 2013-2016

Trustees' Office | 403-817-7933

Wards 1 & 2 Joy Bowen-Eyre, Chair 403-817-7928
Wards 3 & 4 Lynn Ferguson 403-817-7926
Wards 5 & 10 Pamela King 403-817-7929
Wards 6 & 7 Trina Hurdman 403-817-7931
Wards 8 & 9 Judy Hehr, Vice-Chair 403-817-7932
Wards 11 & 13 Sheila Taylor 403-817-7927
Wards 12 & 14 Amber Stewart 403-817-7930

Who's Your Trustee?

Board meetings are usually held on the first and third Tuesday of each month, from 12 - 3 p.m. Schedule of public board meetings.


Administrative directory

Chief Superintendent of Schools
David Stevenson

Deputy Chief Superintendent of Schools
Susan Church

Chief Communications Officer
Bill Brunton

General Counsel
Greg Francis

Superintendent, Facilities and Environment Services
Frank Coppinger

Superintendent, Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Treasurer, Finance and Supply Chain Services
Brad Grundy

Superintendent, Human Resources
Cheryl Oishi

Superintendent, Learning Innovation, Chief Information Officer
Cathy Faber

Superintendent, Learning Services
Susan Church (Interim)



Area offices

For the purposes of direct service, service delivery coordination, leadership and monitoring, CBE schools are organized into five ‘families’ of approximately 40-50 schools each. These families are called Areas and are organized around existing ‘feeder school’ relationships and ward boundaries. Each Area is managed by a director who:

  • provides leadership to staff;
  • coordinates the delivery of services to schools and students; and
  • supports principals in the daily operation of schools;

A team of specialists supports the Director in the provision of direct, personal support to school communities and the families they serve.

Area I
Jeannie Everett, Director
Parkdale Centre
728 – 32 Street NW
Calgary, AB T2N 2V9

Area II
Brant Parker, Director (Acting)
Mount View Centre
2004 – 4 Street NE
Calgary, AB T2E 3T8

Area III
Dr. Dianne Yee, Director
Marlborough Centre
4711 Maryvale Drive NE
Calgary, AB T2A 3A1

Area IV
Calvin Davies, Director
A.E. Cross School
3445 - 37 Street SW
Calgary, AB T3E 3C2

Area V
Sydney Smith, Director
Haysboro Centre
1123 – 87 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2V 0W2


Kindergarten and Grade 1 admission

A child who turns four years old on or before March 1 can attend Kindergarten in the fall of that same calendar year. A child who turns five on or before March 1 is eligible to begin Grade 1 in that same year. Children must start school if they are six years old as of September 1. Click here for detailed information Kindergarten in the CBE or call the CBE’s Public Information Centre at 403-817-7955.


Which school is yours?

  • For every neighbourhood in Calgary, there is a designated school at each grade level. For information on your designated school, or call the Public Information Centre at 403-817-7955.
  • If you want your child to attend a school that is not your designated school, you need to contact the principal at the desired school to find out about space availability and/or enrolment guidelines that may be in place. Student transportation to non-designated schools becomes the responsibility of the parent.
  • The CBE respects parents’ decisions to choose the educational setting they feel best meets their children’s needs. However, Alberta Education and the CBE use September 30th as the date to make decisions on school resources. So settling on a school by then is helpful to the whole community.



The CBE offers more than 50 programs specially tailored to meet the diverse learning styles, interests and abilities of all students. Programs are offered related to:

  • High school education
  • Special needs and/or at-risk students
  • Immersion/bilingual French and international languages
  • Creative and fine arts
  • Learning and instructional alternatives
  • Sports-focused
  • Culture
  • Location (work place school)

Our alternative programs have individual registration and timelines. Contact the school to find out specific requirements, application procedures and deadlines.


Noon supervision

Noon supervision is a service provided for parents of students staying at school through the lunch break. Noon supervision is an optional service offered to all students in Grades 1 to 6 and in CBE-sponsored full-day Kindergarten programs. The program is based on these key principles:

  • Children need a safe and secure place to have lunch
  • A caring environment that fosters and maintains respectful, responsible behaviours
  • No waiting lists for parents who want to access the service
  • Drop-in services are provided
  • Flexibility for site-based decisions

Fees are on the school fees page for full-time registered students. All parents who use noon supervision services are charged for these services.


Summary of board-mandated fees

School fees provide students with learning enrichment through additional tools and opportunities that ensure learners are presented with the best possible learning opportunities. In this section, information is provided on the various fees at our schools as well as information about fee waivers.


School supplies

Elementary students are supplied with pens, pencils, paper, notebooks (expendable supplies) through their schools (Instructional Resource Fees cover this expense). Non-expendable supplies such as geometry sets and calculators are not provided. However, students should wait until school starts to find out what, if any, of these items are needed.


Future schools in new communities

Buyer Beware! A sign that reads “Site of Future School” in a new subdivision does not mean that a school is funded and scheduled to be built. Developers are required to set aside a certain amount of green space for parks, community centres and public and separate schools. These signs inform potential area residents that the new development has land set aside for schools. The developers, not the school boards, install the signs. Refer to the Three-Year School Capital Plan which lists the schools being requested by the CBE.


Old ed centre statues

Click here for more information about the Armengol Sculptures located outside the Ed Centre.



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