noon supervision

Noon supervision is a service provided to parents of students staying through the lunch break. Noon Supervision is offered to all students in Grade 1 through 6 and in CBE-sponsored full-day Kindergarten programs. This service provides students with the opportunity to practice social skills for getting along supported by caring adult supervision.

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The noon supervision service is guided by CBE's Administrative Regulation 3048 Noon Services.

The key principles of elementary noon supervision include:

  • A safe and secure place for children to have lunch.
  • A caring environment that fosters and maintains respectful, responsible behaviors.
  • Access to the service, without a wait list.
  • A drop in service.
  • Flexibility for site-based decisions at each school.

Food options


  • Elementary breakfast programs are available in some schools. These programs are supported by Calgary Boys and Girls Club, Breakfast Clubs of Canada and CBE Fuel for School program.


  • Students need to bring a bag lunch as there is no cafeteria service available in elementary schools.
  • Cafeteria service is available in some middle schools.    
  • Microwaves and hot water are at the discretion of the school administration. These amenities are a school based decision.
  • In some schools, to help bridge their nutritional needs of students when necessary, lunch and snack programs are supported by Calgary Boys and Girls Club, Brown Bagging It 4 Calgary’s Kids, the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank and the Meals on Wheels, Hot Soup Program.
  • Food service in CBE schools is guided by Administrative Regulation 3047 - Nutrition and on our nutrition web page.

Emergency Food

  • In most schools there is an emergency food shelf which is supported by Calgary Boys and Girls Club, the individual school may stock of emergency food items and some Parent Councils provide support for those students that forget their lunch.

For further information contact 403-817-7554.


  • Noon supervision fees are charged to parents of all students who use noon supervision services.
  • Income tax receipts are issued for noon supervision fees: receipts may be included as child care expenses for income tax purposes
  • More information about noon supervision fees.
  • For further information contact 403-817-7888 or


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  • For further information contact 403-817-7985.


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