The role of Supply Chain Services is to purchase all goods and services on behalf of the Calgary Board of Education.


Supply Chain Services is a service department, primarily involved and focused upon acquisition of goods and services to meet the needs of students in the education process. Supply Chain Services is concerned with all activities from acquisition through to the end use of all materials employed in the various educational, administrative and technical operations within the Calgary Board of Education.

initiatives and functions

  • process and expedite orders
  • manage the competitive bidding process
  • negotiate contracts
  • purchasing and market research
  • supplier development initiatives
  • supplier and business ethics
  • business alliance development
  • vendor certification
  • cooperative purchase initiatives and group consortiums
  • monitor and evaluate customer service

contact Supply Chain Services staff

Supply Chain Services fax number 403-777-6008.

Greg Tetz



Sandra L. Snow


(major contracts)

Debra Beck


(office supplies, furniture)

Linda Moxey



Hilary Smith


403-817-7495 (facilities, projects)

Tracie Keylock

Sr. Clerk

403-817-7422 (contract administration)

Diana Lamb

Purchasing Clerk


Donna Lamy

Sr. Clerk

(library resources)

Charlotte Murray

Purchasing Clerk


Shirley Reina

Purchasing Clerk


Tracy Snow

Purchasing Clerk


Sandra Stokowski

Sr. Clerk

(learning resources)

Carol Storey


(technology, hardware)

Susan McPherson





The Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) provides for fully open, non-discriminatory tendering by the federal, provincial and territorial governments. Annex 502.4 sets out the procurement provisions for municipalities, municipal organizations, school boards and publicly funded academic, health and social service entities (MASH). The annex covers the purchase of goods and services over $100,000 and of construction over $250,000. There are two obligations under the Annex: non-discrimination, and transparency. Non-discrimination means the MASH buyers of goods, services and construction must treat suppliers from another province the same as they treat local suppliers. Transparency means that buyers must have open tendering practices. New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA) between BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan came into effect April 1, 2009 for school boards. NWPTA builds on the AIT, however procurement thresholds are lower. Goods and Services $75,000. and Construction over $200,000. For more information on Investment, please contact Financial Services and for Labor Mobility, please contact Human Resources. If there are any questions regarding procurement practices related to AIT or NWPTA, please contact Greg Tetz, Manager, Purchasing Services at 403-817-7492.

Administrative Regulation 7001 - Purchase of Goods and Services.

The purpose of this regulation is to establish processes for open and accountable purchasing of goods and services for The Calgary Board of Education, and to ensure that maximum value is obtained for every dollar spent.

Staff within Supply Chain Services are members of one or more of the following professional organizations, and thus subscribe to the ethical practices as defined by these organizations.

  • Purchasing Management Association of Canada (PMAC)
  • National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP)
  • Public Purchasing Group (PPG) of Calgary and area


The purpose of the Calgary Board of Education Purchasing Card Program is to establish a more efficient, cost-effective method of purchase and payment for small dollar transactions.

competitive bid process

All Invitations to Tender, Requests for Proposal and Requests for Quotation over $75,000. are posted on the Alberta Purchasing Connection.

(See Current Bids)


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