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Explore each of these libraries and you will find them filled with treasures of information from websites found all over the world!

These websites meet the following criteria:

  1. Connected to and support the Alberta curriculum.
  2. Evaluated by Calgary Board of Education teachers and/or a professional educational website selection service.
  3. Continually being updated

Learning Object Repository (login required)

Access our ever growing collection of learning objects and you will find hundreds of streaming video clips, photos, lesson plans etc. that you may use  to help learners in meeting learning outcomes.  You may use them, reuse them and even re-create them to share with others.


This is our online catalogue for all our school libraries.  You may search for books, DVD’s, etc.

When you click on this link it will take you to the Calgary Board of Education’s online catalogue for all of our school’s libraries. Don’t forget to search the collection at the Research & Learning Commons and our Evaluation Centre which lists all titles that have been published in the Recommended Resources listings.

Library quote by RIta Dove

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