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achievement tests and diploma exam results

Each year, students registered in Grades 3, 6, and 9 write Provincial Achievement Tests. Students taking Grade 12 courses write Diploma Examinations. Results are provided for each school, the CBE, and the province.

Provincial tests are one part of a balanced, broad-based program of student assessment. When analyzed along with many other indicators of student learning provincial tests provide information to guide our educators as they set targets for student achievement and track the results of school improvement initiatives.

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2012-2013 Results

News story and backgrounder: Oct 2, 2013.

School -by -School Results:

Grade 3

Grade 6

Grade 9

Diploma Examinations





CBE Provincial Achievement Results

CBE Provincial Achievement Results for English as a Second Language Students

CBE Provincial Achievement Results for Special Education Students

CBE Diploma Examination Results

Alberta Education provides an alphabetical listing of all schools and their multiyear reports.

Summary of 2012-2013 Provincial Achievement and Diploma Examinations: Report to Board of Trustees available on October 8, 2013.

archived results


2010-2011 Results

Results for every school are provided in the tables below:


2008-2009 Results

2009-2010 Results

2006-2007 Results

2007-2008 Results

2004-2005 Results

2005-2006 Results

2002-2003 Results

2003-2004 Results

For more information on Provincial Achievement Tests see the Alberta Education website.

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