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CEOP Home Notices and Correspondence How are we doing?

CEOP Home Notices and Correspondence How are we doing? about us

The Calgary Board of Education’s planning and transportation services (formerly community engagement and operational planning) was created in 2005 to work with communities and families in planning for schools and students.

What does planning and transportation do? It is the work of the planning and transportation team, in conjunction with appropriate directors, to inform administration of student accommodation needs, challenges and changes (AR1090) by supporting the Three Year System Student Accommodation Plan and the long range student accommodation planning process.

Why does planning and transportation do this work? Planning and transportation supports areas, schools and students with respect to accommodation needs. In this work, the following parameters are utilized when possible:

  • Youngest students go to school closest to home
  • The best use of space for learning/programming
  • Responding to programming needs
  • Minimal student transition points; generally moving
    from school to school with their classmates.
How do we involve the community? Planning and transportation works with parents, students, staff and community members to discuss practical solutions through an engagement process. The thorough, thoughtful process provides transparency, openness and consideration of continuity in educational opportunities while providing the opportunity for people to get involved and provide feedback.

How does the planning and transportation team engage with our stakeholders?

  • Planning and transportation is a part of the administrative process and supports the mission, vision and values of the CBE.
  • The planning and transportation team engages stakeholders regarding accommodation issues by providing opportunities to share information, enhance understanding and gather feedback. Techniques used to engage stakeholders may include, but are not limited to:
    • Focus group
    • Focused Conversation
    • World Cafe
    • Open House
  • Planning and transportation creates channels through which accurate and timely information can be disseminated. Whenever possible, the planning and transportation team presents scenarios and provides opportunities for stakeholders to recommend other scenarios.
  • Most planning and transportation staff have received IAP2 certification.

About the planning and transportation staff

The planning and transportation team offers a balanced mix of teaching staff and industry professionals who bring a variety of expertise and perspectives to the unique challenge of school and program planning and implementation.

To aid us in our community engagement initiatives, many of our team members receive professional certification from the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2). Our department adheres to the IAP2 Core Values and Code of Ethics to guide and enhance the integrity of the public participation process.

| IAP2 Spectrum (PDF)

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