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Area V french immersion

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Project Information

The Calgary Board of Education is seeking parent feedback regarding proposed changes to elementary designations for the French Immersion program for students residing in the following communities: Auburn Bay (including Seton), Cranston, Evergreen, Mahogany and Silverado. The changes would affect Sundance School, Sam Livingston School and Janet Johnstone School. 

A meeting was held for parents to learn about the proposed changes and to provide their feedback on Tuesday January 11, 2011. The information from that meeting is available here. A participant workbook is also available for your reference and as a tool to provide feedback.

Meetings and Communication

Date Meeting/Communication Type Documents (PDF)
Jan. 11, 2011 Parent Meeting Presentation
Working Group Information Package
Participant Workbook
Q&A's from Sam Livingston Feedback
Q&A's from Janet Johnstone Feedback
Q&A's from Sundance Feedback

Online feedback

If you have feedback that you’d like to share with us, whether it’s about the community engagement process or the project, please fill out the online form available here.

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