Pamela King
Trustee, Wards 5 & 10

Pamela King, Trustee for Wards 5 & 10, is serving her second term as trustee. Ward 5 is comprised of communities in the Northeast section of the city and Ward 10 includes communities from the Northeast and Southeast parts of the city.

Pamela is proud to be a Native Calgarian, a mother of two and a long time resident in the community of Forest Heights. Her favorite Calgary attraction is our schools because kids are amazing, interesting, enthusiastic, inquisitive, entertaining and exceptional and she is thrilled to watch them grow and mature into responsible, productive members of society.

It is her passion for and commitment to kids, education and the community that motivated her interest in representing you regarding education today and for the future. Pamela unequivocally believes in honesty, integrity, accountability, equality, and communication. It is her experience with the Calgary Board of Education as a volunteer, a single parent, an employee and as a member of the community that will provide her with the insight necessary to make informed decisions regarding what is in the best interest of kids. Pamela believes that communication from all stakeholders is essential when making decisions that will affect a child's educational needs.

Pamela has been involved in her neighbourhood schools since her eldest son began his educational journey in 1993. She joined the LAC for ECS and the Parent Council at David D. Oughton School believing that being by involved in her children's schools and demonstrating the importance of education it would help inspire her children to succeed at school. Pamela proudly served on the Council at David D. Oughton from 1993 until its closure in June 2005. She has also served six years on Council at Sir Wilfrid Laurier School and five years as the Casino Coordinator at Jack James High School.

Pamela is passionate about people and committed to working together in order to make education a priority for everyone. "Every individual has a stake in education and each interest group is instrumental in determining what resources are essential to meet the needs of students. Our kids are doing great things - as a society we owe it to them to ensure that they have access to every resource available."


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