Preparing and implementing plans, and reporting results to our community are essential elements of accountability and continuous improvement in the Calgary Board of Education.

2014 Community Report

Accountability Pillar Results

Annual Education Results Report 2013-2014 and Three-Year Education Plan 2014-2017

Calgary Board of Education school calendars

Class Size Survey (2013-2014)
Alberta Education has published student enrolment numbers for the province. The statistics are a mathematical average based on reported student enrolment numbers for Sept. 30, 2013.
Information regarding class size

Communications from the Chief Superintendent and Trustees for school newsletters

Expense reports

Learning the value of Calgary's public schools - CBE overview 2012-2013

Operating Budget and Financial Statements

Research policies, guidelines and application forms

Three-Year Education Plan 2014-2017

2015-2018 Three-Year School Capital Plan
The Board of Trustees approved this year’s School Capital Plan, which will be submitted to the Minister of Education. The CBE is required to submit a list of new school and school modernization projects to the provincial government each year. Based on the capital plan, the Province determines funding for school projects.

2014-2015 School Enrolment Report (pdf)

Three-Year System Student Accommodation Plan 2014-2017 (pdf)

Ten-Year System Student Accommodation and Facilities Strategy 2012/13-2021/22 (pdf)


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