research in the CBE

Research application process

How to apply

All researchers and graduate students wishing to conduct research in the CBE are required to complete the Application to Conduct Research.

Ensure that the application follows the Research Review Committee Guidelines.

All research involving human subjects conducted within the Calgary Board of Education must receive ethics approval that meets the standards outlined in the Canadian Tri-Council Policy Statement (TCPS 2): Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans.

Please note that a letter of exemption from ethics approval does not meet the Canadian standards for conducting research involving humans. Researchers affiliated with an institution that does not provide an ethics protocol following Canadian TCPS 2 standards may use the Calgary Board of Education templates:

If personal information is requested, the Use of Personal Information for Research Purposes Form must be completed.

The research application must be accompanied by the following documentation from the researcher's affiliated institution:

  • Approval from a supervisory authority of the institution or agency (e.g. supervising professor)
  • Official Letter of Ethics Approval or Ethics Review Application (if applicable - see above)
  • Copy of oral or written explanation that participants will receive before they are asked to for consent to participate
  • Recruitment notice, poster or advertisement if applicable
  • Copy of informed consent that will be distributed to each participant (must include explanation of the nature of your study or project)
  • Copy of surveys, questionnaires, interview questions or interview guide if applicable
  • Application for Use of Personal Information (if applicable)
  • Security clearance from the Calgary Police Service or equivalent (required for non CBE employees)
  • Calgary Board of Education Research Application, signed, witnessed and dated

Completed applications should be sent by email to:

The approval process

The proposal is reviewed by the CBE Research Review Committee according to the Research Review Guidelines.

The Committee will notify applicants regarding the approval of the research proposal.

Proposals rejected by the committee will be reviewed by the director, office of the chief superintendent, who will make the final decision regarding rejection or deferral.

An application revised in accordance with feedback from the research review committee may be resubmitted for the next review cycle.

It is the responsibility of the researcher to provide the principal(s) with a summary of the research project.

Who to contact:

Pat Kover
t | 403-817-7514



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