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Conducting Research : Research Review Guidelines
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Conducting Research

Research Review Guidelines

Relevance to Education

  • Be of benefit to CBE staff and students
  • Align with the Three-Year Education Plan and Calgary Board of Education Results Policies
  • If proposal involves market research, the focus must be on the potential benefit teaching and learning
  • Research studies for the purpose of financial gain by an individual or company are not accepted

Research Methodology and Data Gathering

  • A well-designed methodology presented with minimal use of technical jargon
  • Approval will not be given to gather data in CBE public schools (observing the traditional calendar) during September, after June 1st or in January in schools observing a semester system and equivalent periods in school observing the year round calendar
  • Principals in CBE public schools make the final decision regarding involvement in research projects for their individual schools
  • Participation in the research including online surveys can only happen after signed informed consent is received

Document Completion

Ethics and Confidentiality

  • Prior approval of the supervisory authority of the affiliated institution or agency
  • Ethics approval of the agency or institution. A letter verifying exempt status from ethics approval does not meet the Canadian standards for conducting research involving humans
  • In cases where ethics approval cannot be obtained through the researcher's affiliated institution, the researcher may submit the Calgary Board of Education template for Ethics Review Application
  • Compliance with the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
  • Ensure that the confidentiality of information regarding Calgary Board of Education schools, teachers and students is protected
  • The proposal must acknowledge that no reference will be made to a CBE school, teacher, or student and that measures are taken prevent the possibility of identification
  • Clear procedures for obtaining informed consent ​- see the guideline Request for Informed Consent. Written parental permission is required for any research with or about students under the age of 18 years. Independent students over the age of 18 may provide their own consent
  • Students should have the option to withdraw from the study even if parents have given consent
  • Appropriate protocol to deal with sensitive issues arising during the research (e.g., students who wish to withdraw from the study; disclosure of sensitive information by participants; debriefing participants)
  • Consideration of any researcher bias or conflict of interest situations
  • Minimal or non-existent emotional impact on students
  • Careful consideration of political issues

Consideration for Staff and Students

  • The researcher takes responsibility for all aspects of the research and ensures minimal demands on teachers, administrators are made
  • Protection of instructional time
  • Minimal disruption to the daily flow of the school

Reporting and Knowledge Mobilization

  • An Research Executive Summary is submitted to Research Services at the conclusion of the study
  • Where appropriate, the researcher(s) provide presentations/workshops at the conclusion of the study to make research connections for CBE staff
  • Any media release referencing CBE data must be approved by CBE Communication Services

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