Areas 6 and 7 - Schools Impacted by New School Openings

As new schools open in our communities, it can mean changes for our existing schools. As many students can now or will soon attend school in their own communities, space has become available in the schools they previously attended.

Some schools in Areas 6 and 7 have been or will be affected by the openings of Griffith Woods School, Roberta Bondar School and West Ridge School.

Initial conversations took place with principals and parents representing the affected schools in spring 2017. The discussions provided an opportunity to identify opportunities and ideas that might be considered in utilizing the space in affected schools.

Further discussions on possible options will take place later this fall. Students, parents and staff at the affected schools will be invited to participate in sharing their perspectives on possibilities this school year (2017-18). Information about opportunities to participate will be posted on this page and sent directly to affected schools and communities in the fall.