New school principals announced

Jan. 26, 2016

Kel Connelly, Jeff Hutton, Jason Hartl, Shawn O'Neill, Doug Swift, Lorraine Kinsman, Laine Mulholland, Patti Ann Swain, Catherine Turner, Lori Cullen, Teresa Martin, Lisa Nachtigal, David Stevenson (Chief Superintendent of Schools), Gord Choate, Ryan O'Shaughnessy, David Dyck, and Patty Numan

Building a school takes steel and concrete. Building a school community takes people. As construction continues to move forward on Calgary’s new public schools, principals for the new schools will begin the work of making these great places to learn.

Last spring, 16 principals were selected to lead the new schools, but at that time they were not assigned to a specific school, with the exception of the principal of Nelson Mandela High School.

“Announcing the principals for our new schools is an exciting step toward their openings. All of our new school principals have experience in this role and nine of them are currently working as principals in existing schools,” says David Stevenson, chief superintendent.

Principals will transition to their new role at the beginning of April. In the months leading up to the openings, principals will focus on building their school community by connecting with parents and students. They will also hire staff, determine the organization of the school and prepare the school budget for the 2016-17 school year.

“Opening a new school is an incredible opportunity to develop a school culture that comes directly from the students and staff who are in the school and the community around them,” says Doug Swift, area principal consultant and principal of William D. Pratt School in Rocky Ridge/Royal Oak.

The search to select replacement principals for our existing schools will start within the next couple of weeks. Those schools will have a principal in place prior to their current principal leaving.

The public can find updates on all of the CBE’s capital projects, including information on the opening of the school and construction progress at