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Schools are organized into five geographic Areas. To find out what Area your residential district is in, please click here. Once you find out what Area you are in, please refer to the list below for information.

2014-2015 School Year

CBE Map of Traditional Learning Centre locations (pdf)

Residential Districts and Designated Schools - TLC (pdf)

2013-2014 School Year

CBE Map of Traditional Learning Centre locations (pdf)

Residential Districts and Designated Schools - TLC (pdf)




Balmoral School
220 - 16 Avenue NW
Calgary AB  T2M 0H4
Grades 5 to 8

Brentwood School
1231 Northmount Drive NW
Calgary AB  T2L 0C9
Kindergarten to Grade 4

Chief Justice Milvain School
3428 - 42 Street NE
Calgary AB T1Y 6A3
Grades K to 4

Chris Akkerman School
5004 Marbank Drive NE
Calgary AB  T2A 3J6
Grades K to 5

Colonel Irvine School
412 Northmount Drive NW
Calgary AB T2K 3H6
Grades 5-7 for 2013-14

Colonel Sanders School
226 Northmount Drive NW
Calgary AB  T2K 3G5
Grades 1 to 4

Crescent Heights School
1019 – 1 Street NW
Calgary AB  T2M 2S2
Grades 9 to 12

Dr. J.K. Mulloy School
7440 - 10 Street N.W.
Calgary, AB T2K 1H6
Kindergarten to Grade 4


Fairview School
7840 Fairmount Drive SE
Calgary AB  T2H 0Y1
Grades 5 to 8

Glamorgan School
50 Grafton Drive SW
Calgary AB  T3E 4W3
Kindergarten to Grade 8

Henry Wise Wood High School
910 - 75 Avenue S.W.
Calgary AB  T2V 0S6
Grades 9 to 12

Le Roi Daniels School
47 Fyffe Road SE
Calgary AB  T2H 1B9
Kindergarten to Grade 4

Sir Wilfrid Laurier School
819 - 32 Street S.E.
Calgary, AB T2A 0Y9
(403) 777-7370
Grades 8 to 8

Thomas B. Riley School
3915 - 69 Street NW
Calgary AB  T3B 2J9
Grades 5 to 9

Thorncliffe School
5646 Thornton Road NW
Calgary AB  T2K 3B9
Kindergarten to Grade 1

Applications for this coming September may be sent directly to the following schools:

Area I Brentwood (K-4) Thomas B. Riley (5-8) Crescent Heights (9-12)
Area II Dr. J.K. Mulloy (K-6)
Thorncliffe (K-1)
Colonel Sanders (1-4)
Balmoral (5-8) Crescent Heights (9-12)
Area III Chief Justice Milvain (K-4)
Chris Akkerman (K-5)
Sir Wilfrid Laurier (5-8) Crescent Heights (9-12)
Area IV* Glamorgan (K-8)   Henry Wise Wood (9-12)
Area V Le Roi Daniels (K-4) Fairview (5-8) Henry Wise Wood (9-12)

*Excludes Riverbend and Ogden who are designated to Area V schools.

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