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Please note: grade 9 students in the TLC will remain in their current school in 2014. There will be no grade 9 TLC program in high school.

All students must register with the Calgary Board of Education (

Please read the process for accepting students at schools that are at capacity - particularly the lottery draw for alternative program information.

If you are choosing an alternative program, an application process must be followed. Registration does not give you access to alternative programs.

The application process for the Traditional Learning Centre programs begins on January 13th, 2014 at all sites. Applications will be accepted between January and February 28th, 2014. Should there be more applicants at any grade level than spaces available, a lottery system will be employed for appropriate candidates.

The priority for applications will be for students who:

  • reside in the residential district (see chart)
  • have siblings who will be continuing in the school
  • applied by February 28th, 2014 and reapply for 2015
  • reside in the program's designated attendance area, outside the residential district of the school
  • are non-resident in the Calgary Board of Education

Once a student is accepted into the program, a letter of confirmation will be sent by the middle of April. The parent/guardian must confirm acceptance with the TLC school by April 30th after receiving confirmation.

Applications that are received after February 28th, 2014 are accepted IN DATE ORDER. The waiting list remains in place until September 30. Where applicants are not accepted by September 30th, a new application must be made for the following year.

Students currently enrolled in one school who are transferring to another location are required to have a signed transfer form from the original school prior to taking the application package to their new school.

Before filling out the application forms, please read the following:

Framework for Program Integrity

Transportation information

Application Packages (most forms are in pdf format)

Grade Forms
Grades 1-9

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