Summer School

bullet Grades 10-12 Summer School - complete a 5-Credit High School course in under 5 weeks at Chinook Learning Services. Choose from a variety of 10-20-30 level subjects. Core, Option & ELL courses available.

Summer School is offered to 4500 students in July at multiple school locations. Students take courses in order to upgrade or to provide flexibility in their high school programs. Classes are held in the mornings or afternoons during weekdays in July.

Chinook Learning Services

Diploma Examinations

Diploma Examinations are written in the first week of August. Diploma exam schedules are subject to change by Alberta Education at any time. For up-to-date information related to Diploma Exam dates, please check the Alberta Education website:

  • General Information Bulletin (external webpage) provides information on examination schedules and significant dates in the school year; policies and procedures on such things as security, registration on walk-in students, administration procedures, plus many more; forms and samples and registration information; and marks, results and appeals.
  • Diploma Examinations (external webpage) provides information for students, parents, teachers and administrators



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June 20, 2013