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School Hours: AM: 8:05 ~ PM: ~ 2:45
School Location

950 - 6 Street NE
Calgary, AB
T2E 8M3

Stanley Jones School is located in the northeast community of Renfrew, serving the community of Renfrew. Students from Stanley Jones School move on to either Colonel Macleod or Sir John Franklin for junior high and then on to Crescent Heights or James Fowler for high school. Stanley Jones also houses Alice Jamieson Girls' Academy.

About the School

Stanley Jones School was built in 1913 and is situated on 5.39 acres. This beautiful building is located on the corner of 8th Avenue and 6th Street northeast on the ridge above the river overlooking the downtown core.

The school has 26 classrooms, a library, music room, and large gymnasium. It is an 88-year-old building that has been honoured with a municipal commemorative plaque. There is an interesting and informative plaque located by the doors on 8th Avenue. The building is three stories high and made primarily of old sandstone (hauled in by horse and wagon from the Shaganappi area in northwest Calgary ) and distinguished by its silver cupola and flagpole. The school underwent renovations in the early sixties, having a junior high-sized gymnasium and two classrooms added to its structure. A variety of other renovations have been carried out over the years; however, the character of the building has been maintained. It is a clean, well-cared-for building with approximately 20 self-contained classrooms. There are large windows in each classroom, and the hallways are spacious. A warm, caring environment prevails throughout the building.

Adding to its physical character is the connection the building has with all Calgarians. Many of our students over the years have had both parents and grandparents who also attended the school. The school has a long history with local Calgarians.

About School Name

Our school was named in honour of Major Stanley Jones of Calgary, who lost his life in the First World War. Stanley Livingstone Jones, born in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, was a veteran of the South African War . He was decorated with a medal and four clasps. It was largely through his efforts that the South African Memorial, one of the finest equestrian statues in the world, stands today in Memorial Park. Stanley L. Jones, B.A. (K.C.) came to Alberta in 1901 and practiced law as a member of Lent and Jones Company. Mr. Jones travelled throughout the Near East during the Balkan Wars (1912-13) and engaged in considerable writing. Stanley Jones was the first man from Calgary to volunteer when war was declared in 1914. With the Princess Patricia's regiment, he held the rank of Major. The gallant officer died of wounds sustained at Sanctuary Wood in 1916. He was still a young man and had married only a short time before leaving to take up his duties in the military. His loss was strongly felt by the young city of Calgary. Stanley Jones School, originally designated to be called Bridgeland School and just having finished construction, was renamed in his honour.

School Mission

Stanley Jones School promotes acceptance and respect for students and staff through a challenging and caring environment. Meaningful learning experiences are provided to foster each child's potential with the support of parents and the community.

School Philosophy

An atmosphere of respect, safety, and caring, coupled with high expectations for student conduct, work habits, and performance characterize our school.

School Motto

Children come first, and last.

Unique points

  • Offers specialists in Music and Physical Education.
  • Has a vibrant school council that participates in school improvement committees, school decisions, and supports school programs.
  • Maintains that early identification of learning difficulties is a key to successful learning for the child.
  • Attempts to maximize the age and beauty of the school in an aesthetically pleasing manner.
  • Has three unique deaf and hard-of-hearing classrooms offering services to children from grades 1 through 6.
  • Has the Alice Jamieson Girls' Academy for girls in grades 4 through 9.

Student Enrolment (September 2013)
Total Enrolment: 446

KindergartenGrade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Grade 5Grade 6Other

Dr. U. Steele
School Board Trustee Judy Hehr
CBE Ward Ward 9
Chief Superintendent Naomi Johnson
Area Area II
Director (Area) Brant Parker (Acting)

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