Captain Nichola Goddard School

405 Panatella Blvd NW, Calgary AB T3K 0P3 | Grades 4-9 | Capacity 900


Alberta Education ASAP I P3 New Schools Project

Alberta Education ASAP II P3 New Schools Project

Alberta Schools Alternative Procurement (ASAP II) Project Fact Sheet

School News

Website, May 2012

Walk zone map, Feb. 2012 (PDF)

Construction photo, Nov. 2011 (PDF)

Student accommodation update for Panorama Hills, Oct. 4, 2011 (PDF)

The school is anticipated to open September 2012. Watch this web site for further details as we near opening day.

The middle school in Panorama Hills is planned to accommodate Grades 4-9 (but for the first school year, it will accommodate 4-8 only) students from the Panorama Hills community and will have an opening capacity of 900.

Additional Information

Panorama School will be part of the area plan for Area II (Susan Church, Director).

A principal will be appointed at least six months prior to the opening of the school. Following the appointment of a principal, an administrative secretary is normally appointed, followed by the appointing of an assistant principal. The school is staffed during the May staffing process immediately prior to the school opening.

Details on the Board of Trustees’ Policy for school naming can be found on our website at the following link:

Registration Information

Registration information will be posted closer to the opening date of the school.

Contact Information

Please contact Captain Nichola Goddard School at 403-817-3300 or email if you have any questions regarding registration or educational programs.

Please contact Architectural and Engineering Services at 403-214-1116 if you have any questions or concerns regarding the status of construction.

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