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West Dover School

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Grades and Programs: K-6

School Hours: AM: 8:00 ~ PM: ~ 2:45

School Location

3113 - 30 Avenue SE
Calgary AB
T2B 0G9

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West Dover School is located in the southeast community of Dover, serving the communities of Dover and Southview. Grade 6 students from West Dover School move on to Ian Bazalgette School and then on to Forest Lawn High School.

About the School

West Dover School, located in the community of West Dover, serves families and students in the communities of West Dover and Southview. The community, composed of mostly single-family dwellings, is home to approximately 13,223 residents. More recently, new multi-dwelling buildings, which boast of mountain views, have recently been constructed.

The School is nestled in a very quiet and secure neighbourhood. There are no busy traffic arteries, which could impact the safety of our students. Instead, the playground is bordered by homes, the Community Centre and beach volleyball courts. West Dover School benefits from an active Community Association, several schools, day care centres, the City of Calgary parkway system and numerous sports organizations. The residents of this community represent a variety of ethnic groups. The School is a beautiful building complete with a large gymnasium, stage, music room, library, main computer lab, technology centres in the classrooms and library, studio and a total of 14 classrooms. Our library, centrally located in the building, embraces a beautiful space filled with natural sky lights.

The core curriculum, determined by Alberta Education, is enhanced by our learning through the arts curriculum, as well as, a balanced literacy program. This is the school's sixth year of integrating the arts within the instructional program. West Dover School's arts program is funded by the School Council, Alberta Initiatives for School Improvement grant, Alberta Foundation for the Arts grant and by Arts Capes grant. Our focus this year will be on "technology as an artform" partially funded by a Community Initiatives Program Grant. Students participate in an instructional program that is cross-curricular and infuses the arts with resident artists. Students receive a structured program (literacy and mathematics), as well as, project-based, inquiry learning through the arts. Students also receive instruction from teacher specialists in music, physical education and technology. Our purpose is to offer our diverse group of learners significant learning opportunities which are rich, process-oriented, and encapsulates students' different learning styles, by creating and implementing an arts-based learning committment to a partnership between students, teachers, parents and artists. Students' learning is represented through exhibitions, portfolios, museums and performance. Thus, our goal is to inspire an appreciation of learning through the arts for all students, staff and community members, by embracing authentic and sustainable experiences with the intent to advance student achievement.

West Dover School is worth visiting. Few guests leave without feeling embraced by the "joy for learning" as they witness happy students' zeal for engaged learning. Our focus on the arts sets us apart from many schools. We believe that these create opportunities which enhance and strengthen our students' learning in academic subjects. These ways of teaching and learning encourage more creative explorations and expression of what they know they are learning while forging connections with the wider world. West Dover students have experienced performance and exhibition on a grand scale. Some of these have included art exhibitions, production of an opera, and dance musicals.

"As processes for distilling certain kinds of personal meaning, the arts are vehicles for imaginative learning. As self-enablers, the arts involve students in exploring the life around them, past and present, and instructing and inventing the future. Through the arts, students see the common bond they share with people across different cultures who express themselves and communicate through their indigenous artistic expressions. In these ways, the arts enhance the capacities of students to participate significantly in their world. It's no wonder, then, that schools that give comparable attention to the arts are better schools."
Charles Fowler, 1994.
Much emphasis is placed on student citizenship encouraging students to engage in a variety of leadership opportunities. The Circle of Courage philosophy inspires the virtues of generosity, belonging, independence and mastery. The intent is to enlighten our childrens' futures, to become responsible, independent and intelligent adults so that they may be more tolerant, understanding and appreciative of humankind.

West Dover School offers a learning environment which is rich and dynamic. In addition to our regular population, it comprises a population that is 34% ESL, representative of 18 different cultures, as well as, special needs students who face learning challenges. Our learning environment represents children who are respectful and happily, engaged in their learning. The building's calm and serene environment embraces joyfulness experienced by the child, parent, staff and members of the community.

About School Name

West Dover School is named after the community of Dover.

School Mission

Every child learns. Every child succeeds.


Throughout the year we will consider our beliefs in the context of our work together. We believe that:

  • All children can learn in a resource rich environment that supports their individual efforts.

  • Students learn when they are taught in ways that are cognitively and developmentally appropriate and in ways that acknowledge and respect their experiences, learning styles, and learning needs.

  • Our school culture is such that diversity is valued and all children feel important and included in a learning community focused on connectedness.

  • The voices of parents, children, staff and community members create community and celebrate harmony.


    West Dover School is a place of excellence where best practice and current knowledge enhances the quality of life for all learners, in a safe, supportive environment, where learning experiences promote intellectual, as well as, individual academic success and social competence that honours and respects all individuals.

  • School Motto

    Every child learns. Every child succeeds.

    Unique Points

    • Teaching and learning are a top priority. There is a belief that all students are learners and can be successful.
    • Learning through the Arts, Technology integration, and Literacy are our main focus. We believe all students can become readers and writers.
    • All stakeholders are valued as we work collaboratively in developing a shared vision for quality learning.
    • We have a dedicated staff and parent group who work hard at providing a quality learning program within a safe and caring learning environment.
    • Students have access to networked computers in each classroom, allowing access to the Internet and a variety of software resources. Three labs exist in our library as well.
    • A variety of extra-curricular and leadership programs such as choir, handbells, sports, patrols, etc.
    • Committed to providing early and late literacy intervention strategies.
    • High expectations for students academically and behaviorally. West Dover students scored in the 90th percentile and higher than the Province for the acceptable standard in Grade 3 Language Arts and Grade 6 Social Studies and Science.
    • A commitment to the fine arts. This year we will be doing a Virtual Museum as we focus on "technology as an artform." Past experiences have included Art Exhibitions, production of an Opera and Dance Musical.
    • All classes have a rich blend of cultural diversity. West Dover represents 18 different cultures and languages and 34% of our total population is ESL.
    • A new playground was constructed in August 2000.
    • The school has a lunchroom program.
    • Flexible recess to allow for long, uninterrupted blocks of learning.
    • We are an Arts Capes and Alberta Foundation for the Arts School. Resident artists for this year include Maria Kliavkoff, professional development, Richard Zywotkiewicz, videographer and Zinour, cultural dancer.
    • In addition to the Alberta Program of Studies all students participate in dance, drama, and the visual arts.
    • Teacher specialists for music, technology and Spanish as a second language for grade 4/5 students is offered as part of the instructional program.
    • Support is provided for our ESL students through an ESL teacher specialist.
    • The School offers monthly celebrations of learning.
    • We are a Circle of Courage School founded on the virtues of Belonging, Generosity, Independence and Mastery. An opening ceremony is offered each fall.
    • We offer a daily hot lunch and breakfast program.
    • School Council meets second Wednesday of each month.
    • Students participate in authentic learning experiences connected to classroom instruction which include outdoor school, field excursions, swim program, buddy reading, Open Minds Programs and the Glenbow Museum.
    • Counsellor on site.
    • Connected to 10 agencies, such as the Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, etc.
    • Parents' Comments:

      "We moved out of the area and returned to the school so that our children could continue to learn at West Dover School. It is an amazing school. Our children have had such a rich educational experience."

      "The arts have brought renewed interest in my children's learning. They are very excited and happy to learn at West Dover School."

      "We have attended many schools, but no school has offered the success in learning that West Dover School has. The arts program is very rich and meaningful to my child's learning. The staff is outstanding."

    Student Enrolment (September 2013 )
    Total Enrolment: 306

    KindergartenGrade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Grade 5Grade 6

    Cathy Turner (Acting)
    School Board Trustee: Judy Hehr
    CBE Ward: Ward 9
    Chief Superintendent: David Stevenson
    Area: Area III
    Director (Area): Dr. Dianne Yee
    Notes for Substitute: Early Dismissal: Friday 11:30 am; Modified Calendar


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