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Thomas B. Riley School

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Grades and Programs: 7-9 Regular; 5-9 TLC

School Hours: AM: 8:00 ~ PM: ~ 2:35

School Location

3915 - 69 Street NW
Calgary AB
T3B 2J9

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Thomas B. Riley School is located in the northwest community of Bowness. Along with the regular program for Grades 7 - 9, Thomas B. Riley School also serves as the Area I school for Grades 5 through 9 for the Traditional Learning Centre program. The communities that Thomas B. Riley School serves for the regular program are Bowness, Crestmont, Valleyridge and Greenwood Village. Elementary feeder schools to Thomas B. Riley School are Belvedere-Parkway and Bowcroft Schools. Students in the regular program from Thomas B. Riley School move on to Bowness High School. Students in the Traditional Learning Centre program transition to a variety of area 1 schools.

About the School

The school was built in 1967 and is situated on 6.41 acres. The school has 24 classrooms, a main and auxiliary gymnasium, a music room, art room, CTS shop, Foods/Fashion lab, cafeteria, computer lab, library and courtyard.

In our best attempts to meet the diverse needs of students and because we are committed to meeting the unique needs of adolescent learners, the school program is structured around the following points:

  • Planning for purposeful, personalized, engaging and challenging learning activities fosters academic success
  • Strong core and complementary programs strengthen learning
  • Each student is known well by his/her teaching team and administration
  • Strong extra curricular activities/clubs, intramurals and interschool sports teams strengthen ties to school
  • Strong relationships between students, staff and parents are key to academic success
  • We strive to building character and citizenship in our students

  • About School Name

    Thomas B. Riley School was opened in September 1967 and underwent major upgrading in 1975. It was named as a tribute to Mr. Thomas B. Riley, an influential citizen of Calgary. Mr. Riley was born in England in 1875 and came to Calgary in 1902. A machinist by trade, he also liked reading, music, and gardening. Mr. Riley was a member of the Calgary Public Board of Education from 1921-1928, serving as the Chairman of the Board for three years. He was also a technical instructor at Western Canada High School from 1930 to 1933. In 1933, Mr. Riley was elected City Commissioner and held that office until 1936. He was then employed by the City of Calgary in various capacities, including city placement officer and housing registrar until his retirement in 1947. Mr. Riley died in 1967 at the age of 92 years.

    School Mission

    "Thomas B. Riley School makes a difference for young adolescents by shaping their learning through strong relationships and purposeful, challenging learning activities." We make the difference because we believe that:
  • It is fundamental that students experience success through diverse opportunities that develop a realistic self-concept, build a positive self-image and develop to his or her fullest potential
  • Learning is facilitiated in a safe and supportive environment where risk-taking is encouraged
  • Learners develop at different rates and have varying learning styles
  • Learning occurs as a result of a variety of teaching approaches, strategies and learning styles that address the unique characterisitcis of each learner
  • Learning occurs in context - when it has meaning to the learner
  • All members of our learning community are responsible for their own actions and will respect the rights and responsibilities of others
  • Learning is facilitated when high expectations are established for the learner and staff
  • Our students should understand and respect cultural, religious and ethnic differences
  • The learning community should maintain a level of flexibility that allows it to adapt to ethical, attitudinal, technological and economic changes occurring in society
  • The family is the major influence in a child's development and that the school must be sensitive to the interdependence it shares with parents and the community that supports it
  • TB Riley, as a community of learners, possesses a wealth of human resources and the potential for growth and excellence in a climate of mutual respect, cooperation and collaboration.

  • Unique Points

    • Thomas B.Riley proudly supports complementary programs such as Art, Band, Computers, Construction, Drama, Fashion, Film Studies, Foods, French, Leadership, Publishing, Sports Medicine, Sports Performance.
    • Our computer lab, library, and computer carts are equipped with Macintosh computers. Digital cameras, scanners, LCD projectors, SMART boards, i-pads, and touch-screen Acer computers are in use throughout the school.
    • We house two system special education classes - a PLP (Paced Learning Program) classroom, and an ALP (Adapted Learning Program) classroom for unique learners. Students in these programs are integrated into complementary and physical education classes.
    • Thomas B. Riley offers the Regular Program for Grades 7-9 and the TLC Program for Grades 5-9.
    • Our strong School Council supports us through consultation, fund raising and volunteering in the school.
    • We incorporate character education and character building initiatives into our various programs.
    • Our school utilizes the help of a variety of community resources. Big Brothers and Sisters provide mentors for many of our students. Our students also work as mentors at Bowcroft School. The Boys and Girls Club provides after school opportunities for our students and also supports our breakfast and lunch programs. A school nurse is available as is support from Calgary Family Services. Children's Legacy Foundation provides selected students with a guitar and free guitar lessons once a week. Young Life provides hot chocolate mornings and has also helped out with coaching. We thank all these community services for their support.

    Student Enrolment (September 2013 )
    Total Enrolment: 350

    OtherGrade 5Grade 6Grade 7Grade 8Grade 9

    Ryan O'Shaughnessy
    School Board Trustee: Joy Bowen-Eyre
    CBE Ward: Ward 1
    Chief Superintendent: David Stevenson
    Area: Area I
    Director (Area): Jeannie Everett
    Notes for Substitute: Late Entry Fridays - School Starts at 10:06 am for students. Teachers are in 8:00 am.


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