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Trustee Advocacy

​The Board of Trustees works for the best interest of the CBE and its students. As part of their role the Board connects with key stakeholders and advocates the needs of the system with elected officials (MLAs and City Councillors).

Trustees have been advocating for many years for stable, predictable and adequate funding for public education, and for the Calgary Board of Education in particular. Since 2011-12, the gap between our funding and our costs has grown significantly.



Over the past five years, while funding has failed to keep pace with growth and inflation, the CBE has been prioritizing front-line staff. During this time, student enrolment has increased by seven per cent, as has school-based staff. To fund this increase, non-school based staff has decreased by 18 per cent and the CBE has used a significant portion of our reserves. 


2019-20 Advocacy Efforts

Here are some documents the Board has been using to inform and support stakeholder conversations.

The Board’s advocacy activities are directed by Board policies:

  • Governance Policy 3.2 states that the Board advocates for the organization and the students it serves.
  • Governance Policy 3.3 states that the Board will Initiate and maintain constructive two-way dialogue with students, employees, parents and the citizens as a means to engage all stakeholders in the work of the Board and the organization.

Who’s My MLA?

We encourage you to share your concerns with your MLA. To find out who your MLA is, the Legislative Assembly of Alberta has a tool.

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