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Operating Budget 2019-20

Operating Budget 2019-20 Operating Budget 2019-20

Operating Budget 2019-20

The Province announced the 2019-20 budget on Oct. 24, 2019. In response to the budget, the Board of Trustees released a statement detailing the impacts on the CBE.

Chief Financial Officer Brad Grundy described the impacts in this video and in a Dollars and Sense column.

Overall funding has been reduced by a minimum of $32 million, despite our enrolment increasing by nearly 2,400 students. All options are being explored and decisions will be communicated as soon as possible. The finalized budget is due to the Province in January 2020.

This spring, the CBE submitted its 2019-20 budget to the Province as required. The documents available on this page are reflective of the spring budget submission, which assumed flat funding from the Province.


Provide Your Input on the CBE’s 2019-20 Budget

As always, we read each and every email you send. Our finance team sees all of your input and ideas. We encourage you to take this opportunity to communicate with us. Your name and email address can be submitted confidentially if you wish. Continue to our feedback form.

We are reporting all feedback to our community, excluding personal details. This feedback will be posted both online and in this year’s Budget Assumptions Report. 

See budget feedback reports
The PDF is updated periodically so please check back for the latest feedback.​

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