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Absence Reporting

This page will be updated daily with the most current information on student and staff absences.​

Students and staff may be absent for a number of reasons, including illness, and illness due to COVID-19.​

Due to a technical issue with MyCBE, there is no attendance report for May 5.

Student Absences 

Families are asked to report their child's absence to the school on a daily basis. The CBE runs a daily report at the end of each day. The report below reflects the percentage of the school population that has been reported absent by a legal guardian or independent student​​ due to illness on the previous​ school day. CBe-learn, Chinook Learning Services, Discovering Choices a​nd Home Education are not included in the attendance data.

K-12 Students Reported Absent Due to Illness​

May 17​, 2022​


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Note: Not all legal guardians/independent students contact the school to provide reasons for student absences.

Student Absence Rate

This graph depicts the student absent rate due to illness over the last 10 days. This graph is updated daily.​

Google chart
% = Absent Rate Per cent

School-Based Staffing

The Calgary Board of Education continues to maximize existing resources to respond to significant staffin​g pressures.

On May 18, we identified 1,165 jobs that required substitute teachers or casual employees. 

  • Teaching jobs: 598 of 725 were filled. 
  • ​Support Staff jobs: 394 of 440 were filled.

Please note: Substitute teachers and casual ​employees may be requested for a variety of reasons, including absences due to illness or otherwise, vacancies and extra help.​

The fill figures reflect the number of substitute teachers or casual employees who accept jobs. Schools may re-allocate staff within a school if required to meet additional demands.​​​​​​​​​​​

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