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Coronavirus | Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund on fees I’ve already paid/do I still need to pay fees?

4 weeks ago

We have begun processing online payment refunds for noon supervision and transportation fees paid for March 16 until the end of June. Refunds will first be provided to online payments, crediting the payment card that was used for the original payment. Once online refunds are processed we will begin contacting families about providing a refund through an e-transfer.  

Learn more about noon supervision and transportation refunds

We are also working closely with schools for refunds of other school fees that have been made to schools. School will contact families with more information on how those refunds will be provided.

Outstanding fees owed before March 16 still require payment.

How do I find more information about supporting my child’s learning at home, including how to access technology?

4 weeks ago

​Comprehensive information for all grade levels is posted in the Ongoing Learning section of our website. For information specific to your child's school, please connect directly with their teacher or principal.

Can CBE (high schools) hold graduation ceremonies in the fall? Why not?

5 weeks ago

​At this time, the future of when large public gatherings can take place and venues to hold events like graduation ceremonies will reopen is uncertain. We know that the City of Calgary has cancelled all public gatherings until June 30. Since all of our graduation events take place prior to that date we made the difficult decision to cancel them. We know graduation is an important and meaningful milestone for students, families and friends. We feel your sadness in having to cancel graduations and empathize with students not being able to walk across the stage to celebrate their academic achievement. Schools are considering different opportunities for our graduands to receive yearbooks and certificates and potential video tributes in June.

Could 2020 graduates participate in ceremonies taking place in 2021?

5 weeks ago

Cancelling graduation events is a situation we have never been in before and presents many unknowns. Holding graduation ceremonies well after the school year has ended would certainly pose some significant challenges in terms of venue availability as many venues are booked a year in advance, graduate availability, parent volunteers etc. The CBE along with high school principals will explore options to celebrate the graduating class of 2020.
Could grad ceremonies happen in high schools?

5 weeks ago

The CBE along with individual high school principals will explore available options for celebrating the graduating students.

Will I get a refund for my student’s international trip that was cancelled?

2 months ago

​We are continuing to work with our insurance providers with regard to travel claims. Unfortunately, we expect this will take several months as our providers are dealing with multiple claims from school boards across Canada. The need for social distancing, coupled with the global request of governments for people to work from home and to self-isolate if one has signs of cold or flu symptoms will also prolong the response time of the insurer. We are working on your behalf to maximize your financial return from an insurance claim. Further information will be shared as soon as it becomes available through your school principal.

Do I have to write diploma exams? How and when will these take place?

2 months ago

The government has cancelled all Grade 6 and 9 provincial achievement tests and Grade 12 diploma exams. Under special circumstances, students can request to write a diploma exam. For more information, please review Alberta Education's FAQ document on Education Continuity.

If you have questions or are not sure if your child qualified under special circumstances, please contact your child's high school principal or assistant principal(s).

Are CBE playgrounds open?

2 months ago

The Calgary Emergency Management Agency announced March 23 that the city is closing all playgrounds - including school playgrounds - in an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The city's parks, however, will remain open. Parks offer open spaces, making it easier to maintain the six-foot distance from others.

Let's all work together to protect the public's health.

Can you explain the Education Minister’s comments about final marks for high school students? Is my current mark my final mark?

2 months ago

​We are working with Alberta Education to determine how final marks will be calculated and high school credits allotted to ensure our students are able to plan for the future accordingly. As more information and direction become available we will share it with you.

Will breakfast programs and Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids lunch supports still be offered? Might we share what we have done in terms of food in schools as well?

2 months ago

When school buildings are closed, regular breakfast and lunch programs will not be available. Here are some resources and supports that can help your family if food or other supports are needed during the upcoming weeks. It is important that you always check the websites of organizations however, as their locations, hours or procedures may change day to day.


When will classes resume/schools open for students?

2 months ago

​The CBE will take direction from the government of Alberta on when to resume classes in our schools.

Have you cancelled group rentals and activities that use CBE schools and spaces?

2 months ago

Yes, all public rentals of CBE facilities have been cancelled from March 13 to June 30 with the possibility of extension. These rentals will be fully refunded. We are working with the City of Calgary Recreation and partners to issue notifications. If you are a public rental group that has a permit from the City of Calgary Recreation contact 311. All other rental inquiries are to go to during this period.

Can we hold School Council or Parent Society Meetings? We have urgent business to attend to.

2 months ago

​In-person meetings cannot be held. If School Council and or Parent/School Societies have business that they NEED to attend to, please conduct these meetings using technology such as Skype, email or telephone calls. For the safety of everyone, please follow the guidelines and direction set by AHS and the government and do not meet in schools until classes resume.

How can I access the school to pick up my belongings?

2 months ago

​Each school is coordinating a time for parents or students to come to the school and collect their personal belongings. Please do not drop in at the school outside of this window. We need to be mindful of social distancing guidelines and the number of people accessing the building at each time, so we ask our families to respect this time window and gather their belongings quickly. If you are ill, please do not come to the school. Your belongings will be held within the building for your student if you are unable to pick them up.

Are you reinforcing hand washing in schools and workplaces?

2 months ago

Alberta Health has provided the following Hand Hygiene and Respiratory Etiquette, which we are reinforcing with our staff and students:

Hand hygiene with plain soap and warm water is preferred in schools. The mechanical action of hand washing is effective at removing visible soil as well as microbes. In instances where hand washing sinks are not available, supervised use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers containing at least 60% alcohol may be considered. If hands are visibly soiled, alcohol based hand sanitizers may not be effective at eliminating respiratory viruses.

Students/children and adults in the child care setting should clean their hands:

  • before leaving home and on arrival at school
  • after using the toilet
  • after breaks and sporting activities
  • before food preparation
  • before eating any food, including snacks
  • after contact with saliva or nasal secretions after diapering a child
  • before using shared materials such as arts and craft supplies
  • before leaving school and on arrival at home

We are also reinforcing respiratory etiquette, which includes covering the mouth and nose during coughing or sneezing with a tissue or a flexed elbow and disposing of used tissues in a plastic-lined waste container, followed by hand hygiene.

Will we be notified if a member of our school community is asked to self-isolate?

2 months ago

AHS will take the lead in notifying a community when they believe there is reason to be concerned about exposure to a case of COVID-19. Earlier (Mar. 9) we did communicate information to specific school communities, however, as numbers increase and AHS increases testing protocols, it is important that AHS lead this communications process. We must make sure to treat families with respect, fairness and compassion with a focus on dignity and privacy protection.

In certain circumstances, AHS is directing Albertans to self-isolate and is increasing testing for COVID-19. Self-isolation is a precautionary measure and does not mean that the individual is infected with COVID-19.

  • Families in some of our schools have been asked by AHS to self-isolate. If you or your child is at risk due to close contact with COVID-19, AHS will notify you.
  • Family members not flagged for testing by AHS and who are not showing symptoms may continue their regular routines such as going to work and attending school.
Have student trips to the US been cancelled?

2 months ago

Yes, as of March 13, we have cancelled all student travel to the US. We are in the process of sharing important information and updates with impacted schools and families.

Have student trips within Canada been cancelled?

2 months ago


Are you sanitizing library books and other resources?

2 months ago

Based on information we have received from AHS, paper products have not been identified as a key transmission surface. At this time, library and school staff have not been instructed to wipe down books or paper learning resources; however, they can wear gloves to handle returned materials if they have concerns. High touchpoint surfaces like keyboards and look-up stations will be regularly wiped down.

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