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Health & Wellness in School Reporting COVID-19 Cases

Reporting COVID-19 Cases

The COVID-19 positive case notification process has changed significantly from the last school year.

Starting on Monday, Sept. 13, schools will begin providing notification when families self-report an AHS-confirmed case of COVID-19 to their school. If families report a positive case, the school will send out an email notice to the school community at the end of that day. Notices will not be sent over the weekend.

It is important that your child stay home when sick, but it is also important for them to attend school if they are feeling well.  As close contacts are no longer required to isolate, if you choose to keep your child at home, it will be marked as an unexcused absence.

Should school-wide absenteeism rise to 10 per cent or greater due to illness, or there is a higher than expected number of individuals with similar symptoms, schools must report that to AHS. Once AHS has been notified, an investigation will be conducted by AHS Public Health. 

If there is a 10 per cent or great absenteeism rate that includes similar symptoms, AHS may declare an outbreak. In addition to current health measures in school such as masking, cohorting and hand hygiene, AHS may recommend additional health measures to reduce transmission such as:

  • Limiting some activities, especially in groups
  • Additional cleaning and disinfection
  • Changing the way supplies are managed  

AHS will provide all communication regarding declared outbreaks, including when they are over.​

For more information, please refer to the Guidance for Respiratory Illness Prevention and Management in Schools.

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