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Sustainability Progress Report


Reduce waste to landfill by 80% by 2020 (from 2007-08 levels).


In March 2008, we committed to reducing our waste to landfill by 50% by 2012. We engaged the services of CH2MHill to help characterize the types and amounts of waste produced at typical schools in the district and to identify the CBE’s existing practices and programs for solid waste management. A literature review, a series of site visits, and an online survey were conducted. The resulting data was analyzed and presented, and a waste management strategy was developed to help the CBE reduce its overall waste production. The waste management strategy took into account local waste reduction targets, such as those outlined by the City of Calgary and imagineCALGARY, to set a target for the CBE.

As of December 2012, the CBE current rate of waste generation was 162,176 kilograms per month, and 1.77 kilograms per students, per month. This is a reduction of 54% in kilograms per month and a 55% reduction in kilograms per students, per month, from 2007-08 levels. The CBE has exceeded its original target and has set a new target that continues to align with the City of Calgary and imagineCALGARY targets for waste reduction.


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