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Community Engagement : Northwest and North Central French Immersion Options - Online Engagement Opportunity
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Community Engagement

Northwest and North Central French Immersion Options - Online Engagement Opportunity

Welcome to the northwest and north central French Immersion Program virtual world café discussion forum. Here you can read, comment on and express opinions on the feedback we received during the three in-person sessions and through this online process. This opportunity reflects the world café settings of the in-person sessions as much as possible in a virtual environment.

The virtual world café discussion forum will close at midnight on April 29, 2018. To make the most of this opportunity, please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Register for Tricider, the external online tool we are using to collect your feedback. Registration is required only to make sure that no one votes twice for the same idea.
    • Click on Login in the upper right hand corner, then Sign Up Now.
    • Enter your first name or choose an alias. A valid email address is required as you will receive a validation email to activate your registration. Remember your password as this will allow you to revisit the site multiple times.
    • If you use Google or Facebook to register, your account name will automatically populate the name cell. You can modify this cell to only include your first name or an alias as indicated above.
  2. Read the description pdf for the option you will be commenting on.

  3. Select the Option you would like to comment on.

  4. You will be directed to tricider, where you can read comments from others and express support for comments you agree with. You can also add feedback to existing comments and add new comments of your own. Instructions on how to do this are listed below.

  5. ​Once finished, come back to this page (it should still be open in a tab in your browser) and repeat Steps 2 through 4 to share your feedback for as many of the options as you wish.

Note | You do not need to provide all of your feedback at one time. You can always come back to this page at a later date. You may need to log into tricider again so keep your login information handy.

Note | This forum will be moderated by the CBE. Comments have not and will not be edited for spelling, grammar, sentence structure, or otherwise. Comments have been and will be edited to ensure anonymity. We will edit or omit abusive, discriminatory and otherwise inappropriate comments. We have and will continue to combine similar ideas (adding the votes together) to ensure clarity during this online process.

Instructions on How to Use Tricider:
  • In tricider, comments are captured as Ideas, support is captured as Votes and additional feedback is captured as Pros and Cons. Ideas that garner the most support rise to the top of the list. Please note that just because an idea rises to the top of the list does not necessarily mean it will be implemented. The decision-making process will consider all combined input and feedback along with CBE values and planning principles, available space in schools, financial sustainability, government legislation and more. Together, all of this must be carefully considered in making recommendations and decisions.
  • Ideas in the list come from the in-person sessions and participation in this online forum. Ideas are framed as opportunities or challenges. 
  • At the in-person sessions, participants could express support for an idea by adding a sticker beside it. This is recorded as P1, P2, etc under Votes.
  • How to participate: 
    1. Read ideas from others and express support by selecting Vote beside the idea you support. Select save. You may only vote once per idea.
    2. Read existing feedback (located in the Pros and cons column) on an idea and express support by selecting the thumbs up icon below the pro/con argument in the row associated with the idea. You only get one thumbs up per pro/con argument.
    3. Add feedback to an existing idea by selecting Add argument in the row associated with the idea. Select “+” (pro) or “-“(con) icon and add your argument in the cell provided and hit save.
    4. Add ideas by clicking on the green Add idea button. Add your idea in the cell provided and hit save.

Data Collection 
  • Data will be housed on an external third-party site where there may be advertising.
  • Registration is for verification only and the CBE will not collect or have access to registration data.
  • Personal information will not be used for any purpose other than what is described above.
  • If you have questions about the collection of information, please contact
Thank you for your participation. We look forward to working with you to develop a long-term strategy for the French Immersion program in northwest and north central Calgary.


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