Book Vending Machine Makes Reading Fun!

Feb. 13, 2023

​​An innovative new vending machine has been gifted to Catherine Nichols Gunn School, allowing students to earn and take home books regularly, about nine books per year. The vending machine was donated to the school as part of Start2Finish’s Indigenous Literary Enhancement project

Start2Finish​ will regularly send books to the school to stock the vending machine. Each book is culturally relevant, with authors and stories representing diverse cultures.   

“The Indigenous Literacy Enhancement Project was created to support literacy and student achievement in Indigenous communities through the power of storytelling,” shares Brian Warren, Founder & Executive Director, Start2Finish. “Our aim is to help children build their learning pathway by providing culturally-relevant books to encourage emotional, mental and spiritual growth.”​

“Providing opportunities for reading is critical to improving literacy among students,” says Andrea Holowka, Superintendent, School Improvement for the Calgary Board of Education. “When a child has a book they can​ take home and keep, it increases readership and boosts reading levels, leading to greater academic and social success. The Start2Finish Indigenous Literacy Enhancement Projec​t creates opportunities for students and school communities to engage in practices that facilitate reconciliation.”​