High School

High School Summer School

Summer School

July 2 - 25, 2024​​​​​

The Calgary Board of Education has summer school opportunities for current CBE students. In Summer School, students can:

  • Take one course, either in-person or online
  • Gain valuable work experience while earning credits​

Chinook Learning Services​​​​​ | In-Person Learning

Summer Sch​​oo​l​​​​

Chinook offers in-person classes at multiple locations throughout the city.​ 

Summer school programming is extremely condensed. This intensive setting requires that students be able to independently manage their course loads.​
Summer Off-campus​​​​​​​​

​Students have the opportunity to earn credits with Chinook during their summer employment.

CBe-learn​​​​ | Online Learning​

CBe-lear​n offers a variety of online hig​h scho​ol core an​d complementary courses during the summer. Online learning allows you the flexibility​ to take one summ​er school course to help you catch up, keep up, or get ahead!​

Diploma Exams​​​

​​All students registered in Biology 30, Chemistry 30, English Language Arts 30-1, English Language Arts 30-2, Mathematics 30-1, Mathematics 30-2, Physics 30, Science 30, Social Studies 30-1 and Social Studies 30-2 are required to write an in-person Diploma Exam in order to receive credits and a final mark. Diploma Exams usually occur during the first two weeks of August. Schedules are subject to change by Alberta Education at any time. For up-to-date information related to Diploma Exam dates, please check Alberta Education Diploma Exams​.

Summer School

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