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Exploring Career Choices

Exploring Career Choices Unique Pathways & Off-campus Education

Unique Pathways & Off-campus Education

No tuiti​on fee for CBE students partici​p​ating in our Unique Pathways programs.

Dual-Credit, Exploratory and Off-campus Programs

We collaborate with post-secondary institutions, industry partners and community organizations to offer a wide-range of unique opportunities for students. These range from practical, hands-on learning experiences in Exploratory programs to Dual Credit courses and programs that allow students to participate in post-secondary learning with the support of a supervising CBE teacher. These programs allow students to complete high school their own way, and set students up for future success by easing the transition to post-secondary learning and/or the workplace.

Applications for Fall are Closed

See recorded information sessions for more information

What is Unique P​​​athways​​​​​

Looking for more information on the types of programs the Unique Pathways team offers? Check out this video:​​​​​​​​​​​

​Unique​​ Pathwa​​ys

As a CBE student you may choose t​​o apply for a Unique Pathways program as part of your high school learning plan:


  • Hands-on development of career s​kills
  • High school Work Experience credits
  • In-person
  • Free to CBE students


  • On the job training and experience (usually paid)
  • High school Work Experience credits
  • In-person
  • Free to CBE students

Dual Cr​​edit

  • Post-secondary learning
  • Post-secondary AND high school CTS credits (30 level)
  • In-person and/or online
  • Free to CBE students​

Program Part​​​ners

Sait Sait Mount Royal University

Program ​​Supporters

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