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Complex Needs : Complex Needs

Complex Needs

Complex Needs

We provide excellent programming for students with exceptional and special needs. Every student has unique needs, so we work with students, parents and community organizations to personalize the support for each child.

Complex needs describes students with life-long impairments that are attributable to mental, neurological and/or physical disabilities. An innumerable variety of complex conditions and needs exist. We offer programming and supports for students diagnosed with conditions which have a mild to severe impact on cognitive, academic and adaptive functioning.

At the CBE, complex needs refers to students diagnosed with:

  • Cognitive developmental disabilities
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
  • Physical disabilities/special health needs  

Specialized classes may be appropriate options for students with complex needs. Curriculum modifications and accommodations are implemented in any of our programs based on the individual needs of each student.


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