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Extraordinary Circumstances Waiver

Check to see if you are eligible for a Low Income Central Fee Waiver. 

Only apply if you are not eligible​ under Lo​w Income Central Fee Waiver. ​The deadline for waiver applications is June 30 of the applicable school year. Waiver applications that are submitted past the deadline may not be approved.​

Information Regarding Fee Waiver Application

  • Extraordinary Circumstances Waivers are approved on an annual basis. Waivers can only be applied to the current school year’s fees.
  • Complete only one fee waiver application form per student by submitting your application and supporting docu​mentation online using your MyCBE/Powerschool account . 
  • If your waiver application is denied or not processed due to lack of supporting documentation, you are responsible to pay your child’s school fees.
  • Please allow 8-12 weeks for processing your waiver. If you have not received a reply from the CBE after 8 weeks, please send your inquiries to
  • If you apply for a waiver, you must still register for yellow school bus transportation and noon supervision, if your child uses these services.
  • Approval is not guaranteed with the submission of the waiver.
  • You will be notified regarding your submission’s approval or denial by email and you can find the decision in your MyCBE/PowerSchool account.
  • You may be contacted by email or phone to clarify your application.
  • Please review the information regarding criteria and documents required for submission carefully as they have been expanded to clarify the process and to accommodate changes to government support programs.
  • Legal guardians must be on file with the school in the student demographic information


There are several ways to qualify for the waiver of your Central Fees through the Extraordinary Circumstances Waiver (ECW):

Low-Income due to Sudden Loss of Income

  • A family suddenly falls under the low-income threshold (as defined by the Alberta Child Health Benefit guide). The loss of income may be due to job loss, illness/injury, or enrolment in a full-time post-secondary institution.

Death of a Parent/Legal Guardian or Student

  • A family has experienced the death of a parent/legal guardian or student within 12 months of the school year.

Critical Illness of Parent/Legal Guardian or student

  • A parent/legal guardian or student has recently been diagnosed with a critical illness. A critical illness, for the purposes of the ECW, is defined as having a significant risk of death in the next six months.

Family Emergency

  • A family has experienced a traumatic life event (such as a natural disaster or a life-altering illness/injury) and are unable to pay for school fees as a result.

Shelter/Social Services Protection

  • A family resides in a shelter or is under social services protection.

How to Apply

Step 1: 
Check that you do not qualify for the Low Income Central Fee Waiver.
Step 2:
Depending on the category of the Extraordinary Circumstances Waiver you select, gather relevant supporting documents. Photocopies are accepted.
Step 3: 
Complete the Extraordinary Circumstances Fee Waiver application online at MyCBE/PowerSchool. Refer to the categories below to ensure that you provide all the supporting documents. Applications that do not have all the required documentation cannot be assessed.

Documents Required

Low-income due to sudden loss of income

  • Number of all adults and children living in the household

Suggested supporting documents for proof of income for all adults in the household:

  • Record of Employment/Termination letter/Contract
  • Government benefit statements (e.g. Employment Insurance benefits, social services benefits, etc.)
  • Pay stubs or proof of self-employment income if currently employed
  • Any other documents to support your application​

Death of a Parent/Legal Guardian or Student
Supporting document, either an:

  • Obituary
  • Funeral program
  • Death certificate

Indicating date of death within 12 months of September 1st of the applicable school year.

Critical Illness of Parent/Legal Guardian or Student
Supporting document:

  • Current doctor’s note, indicating significant risk of death in the next 6 months

Family Emergency
Suggested supporting documents:

  • Police report
  • Letter from employer, lawyer or social worker
  • Evidence of catastrophic event (e.g. insurance claim, court order, eviction notice, etc.)
  • Doctor’s note
  • Any other documents to support your application

Shelter/Social Service Protection
Supporting document:

  • Letter from recognized social services or shelter organization

Applications can take up to 8-12 weeks to process.​ ​To allow sufficient time to process your application, please apply as soon as possible. The final deadline for application is June 30 of the applicable school year.​

Alberta Child Health Benefit Income Guidelines

Family Type

Maximum Qualifying Income
(effective July 1, 2015)

Single parent with 1 child


Single parent with 2 children


Single parent with 3 children


Single parent with 4 children


Couple with 1 child


Couple with 2 children


Couple with 3 children


Couple with 4 children*


*For each additional child, add $4,973

Please note: CBE follows the Alberta Child Health Benefits (ACHB) income guidelines to determine waiver eligibility.
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