Auburn Bay Middle School

Building & Modernizing Schools

Building & Modernizing Schools Auburn Bay Middle School

Auburn Bay Middle School

​430 Auburn Bay Drive SE (subject to change)

Anticipated Opening Date: Summer 2022
Grades | 5-9
Capacity | 900

New School Updates 

Jan. 11, 2022

Designation Notice for New Middle School in Auburn Bay

The Calgary Board of Education (CBE) is scheduled to open a new middle school for the community of Auburn Bay during the 2022-23 school year. The opening of the new middle school in Auburn Bay will have an impact on grade configurations and attendance areas for Auburn Bay and Mahogany families. ​[Read More​]

​​​Jan. 10, 2022

​2022-23 Designation for Grade 9 Students

In December we confirmed our plan for adjusted boundaries and designations for the communities of Auburn Bay, Mahogany, and Seton. At that time, we confirmed that Auburn Bay second elementary school, Auburn Bay middle school, and Mahogany School are expected to open in September 2022, allowing students living in those communities to attend school closer to home. [Read More]

Dec. 15, 2021​

Plan for New Schools in Auburn Bay and Mahogany​

​In November, we shared our plan for adjusted boundaries and designations for the communities of Auburn Bay, Seton and Mahogany due to the possibility of three new schools opening in Auburn Bay and Mahogany in September 2022. Since that time, we have confirmed that these schools are expected to open in September 2022.​ [Continue Reading]

Construction Status​​

The construction status is updated using the Construction Projects Status Report that is presented monthly to the Board of Trustees.

Oct. 2021

Design and specifications
​Construction Progress ​17%
Note: Project managed by Alberta Infrastructure. Construction in progress, foundation and backfilling complete, masonry ongoing, roof deck installation ongoing, exterior framing ongoing, slab on grade pour underway, duct installation started. ​​

Registration Information

For current Grade 8 students living in Auburn Bay and Mahogany, the designated school for the regular program for 2022-23 will be the middle school in Auburn Bay. Grade 8 Auburn Bay and Mahogany students currently attending Nickle School or Sherwood School will automatically be transferred to the new school. Should you wish to remain at your current school for 2022-23, reach out to your principal by Feb. 16, 2022. See our latest update from Jan. 10 for more information on this decision.

If your child is currently attending a CBE alternative program and you wish for them to be registered for the middle school in Auburn Bay, you must submit a transfer request form to the current alternative program school where they are registered.

New registrations or student transfers from other CBE schools or other school districts will be accepted this spring after the principal is in place. Please check back after Apr. 1, 2022, for more information on registration.

For more the latest information on the new school, please refer to the Designation Notice.​

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