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Building & Modernizing Schools

Bowness High School

Grades 10-12 | Modernization     
Completed | Sep. 2016

Construction Status

The construction status is updated using the Construction Projects Status Report that is presented monthly to the Board of Trustees.

  • Mechanical and electrical piping runs from main boiler room to new addition complete. Exterior metal stud framing complete. Progress on site continues to be good. Assessing additional costs for upgrading cafeteria, wireless upgrades and developing the undeveloped space in the new addition. (new June 14, 2016)

Project History and Background

May 2016
  • Window frames being installed. Additional robotics lab to be completed by August 2016.
April 2016
  • Q-deck installation complete. Roofing complete. Slab on grade complete. Exterior metal stud framing ongoing. Interior framing ongoing.
March 2016
  • Q-deck installation ongoing. Roofing has commenced.
February 2016
  • Structural steel installation, q-deck erection and roofing are complete. Installation of window frames and glazing has commenced. Mechanical and electrical rough-ins ongoing. Concrete slabs on grade ongoing. Construction is on schedule.
January 2016
  • Steel erection is ongoing. Sprinkler installation has commenced with internal demolitions. Construction is currently on schedule.
December 2015
  • A change of the CTS Fashions program to a Robotics/Pre-Engineering program has been approved. Foundations are complete. Awaiting delivery of steel for erection in December. Construction is currently on schedule.
November 2015
  • A request for additional capital has been submitted to the Capital Budget Council and has been approved. This will impact the completion schedule. Foundations are complete and some concrete elements such as stairs and elevator shafts are being cast. Structural steel arrival and installation to comment in November. Construction progress is slightly behind schedule.
October 2015
  • The Learning Commons sprinkler installation and hazmat removal has been completed. A kitchen equipment supplier has been identified. A change of the CTS fashions program to a Robotics/Pre-engineering program has been assessed.
Summer 2015
  • Construction demolition activities have been completed.
  • Processing of contract awards for Tender Package #2 took longer than forecast and this may extend the construction schedule. 
  • Full Building Permit approved.
  • Tender package #1 was released in March 2015 and approved for award.
  • Working drawings were prepared for sequential tendering, which commenced at the end of January 2015.
  • A Design Development Cost Report was completed.
  • The design process is underway.
  • Prime Consultants - BKDI Architects
  • Project Manager - MHPM Project Managers Inc.
  • Construction Manager - Chandos Construction Ltd.
  • Feb. 2014 - The Provincial kick-off meeting
  • January 2014 - The Calgary Board of Education received approval from the Province of Alberta for major modernization projects.
  • 2010 – Bowness High School was identified as a priority for modernization on the CBE Three-Year Capital Plan.

Working with the Community


We are continuing to work with and receive input from the Bowness School community including parents, teachers and staff. We are committed to providing regular updates on this webpage

  • Sept. 17, 2014 – Design presentation and open house
  • August 6, 2014 – Public engagement and open house
  • June 18, 2014 – Public engagement and open house

School Community


Bowness High School is a school rich in history and achievements over the decades.  The school opened in the spring of 1956 as a junior and senior high school for the town of Bowness, before it was annexed into the City of Calgary in the early 1960s.


The school serves the communities of Bowness, Greenwood, Montgomery, Silver Springs, Valley Ridge, Crestmont and Tuscany. The junior high feeder schools to Bowness High School are F.E. Osborne, Thomas B. Riley and Twelve Mile Coulee.


As part of its programming, the school offers Career and Technology (CT) Studies. The CT programs combine authentic and relevant learning opportunities with personalized learning, where classroom theory can be moved into performance related activities.


School Facility


The original two-storey school was built in 1955 with a wood-frame structure and stucco exterior. Major additions were completed in 1959 and 1964 and minor additions were completed in 1972 and 1986. The additions were built in concrete and steel construction with masonry cladding. In 2003, a barrier-free renovation was undertaken.


The modernization will improve functionality, security, and safety and will upgrade building infrastructure. This modernization will focus on upgrading CTS space throughout the school.


The total area of the building is 16,580m2 and consists of 57 classrooms.









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