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Building & Modernizing Schools : Forest Lawn High School

Building & Modernizing Schools

Forest Lawn High School

​High School Grades 10-12 | Modernization

Expected Completion Date | Fall 2019

invite | Forest Lawn High School and Jack James High School Open House

The Calgary Board of Education will be hosting a drop-in open house to share information on the following:

  • Forest Lawn High School Modernization
    • Classroom space utilization at Forest Lawn and Jack James
  • Chinook Learning ELL/LINC program
  • Career and Technology Studies (CTS) courses at Forest Lawn High School and Jack James High School and high school success
  • Area 3 office at Forest Lawn High School

Parents, students, staff and community members are welcome to attend. There will not be a formal presentation at this open house.

Date | Tuesday, April 24

Time | 6 to 7:30 p.m.

Location | Jack James High School, 5105 – 8 Ave. SE

If you are unable to attend, we are keeping the public informed on this important project on our this web page.


Mar. 21, 2018

At the school council meeting in February, council members had questions about what is happening in the school with respect to the modernization, the Chinook Learning LINC/ELL program moving in as well as the Area 3 office that moved in last year.

We want to share with you some information on what has happened, how some of these decisions were made and what parents and students can expect going forward. We want to assure parents and students that Forest Lawn High School will continue to be an excellent place to learn and grow for students and that we will get through the changes and the challenges of a modernization together.

It is fortunate that we have two high schools on one site that can be capitalized on during the modernization. Jack James and Forest Lawn High Schools will work together to provide programming for students as was successfully done during the JJHS modernization and in an ongoing fashion since then. Students will have opportunities to take classes in both schools in a way that will best meet their learning needs.

Once the modernization is completed at Forest Lawn, students will have the opportunity to continue learning in state-of-the-art CTS spaces at JJHS and FLHS. The school communities at FLHS and JJHS along with the CBE will work together to create a long-term vision for these schools. We want students and parents to be involved and to have a voice in the vision for their schools moving forward.

Forest Lawn High School Modernization

The modernization at Forest Lawn High School is aligned with the CBE vision for high school success through a focus on increasing high school completion. This modernization is the fifth to be announced and will complement the modernization that was completed in 2016 at Jack James High school. The modernization will see the automotive, construction and welding learning spaces along with updates to other learning spaces and the mechanical systems. More details will be provided once the CBE receives final approval on the modernization plans from Alberta Education and Alberta Infrastructure.

Area 3 Office

The CBE reconfigured the number of administrative Area offices from five to seven effective April 3, 2017. This change was made to address the need for more responsive supports to school instructional leaders and learning teams, which in turn support student success.

As part of this reconfiguration, the new Area 3 office moved into the main floor in the southeast wing of Forest Lawn High School. FLHS was selected as the site for the Area 3 Office because this wing was declared excess space, scheduled for demolition, as part of the modernization project.

As this wing can no longer be considered instructional space for Forest Lawn High School, using the wing as administrative space on the main floor and leasing the second floor to the Chinook Learning ELL/LINC programs means the wing remains intact and will no longer be demolished.

Chinook Learning

Chinook Learning ELL/LINC programs will move from Viscount Bennett to Forest Lawn High School for September 2018. Because of its age and condition, Viscount Bennett must be closed. FLHS was selected as the site for ELL/LINC because of the available space on the second floor of the decommissioned southeast wing. A barrier will be created between this wing and the rest of FLHS so that high school students remain separate from adult learners.

An open house will be held at the end of April to share information with parents and answer your questions. An invitation will be sent once the details are confirmed.

Please see Forest Lawn High School Q & A to find answers to some of your questions in advance of the open house.



​Scott MacNeill
Area Director, Area 3
Darren Dyck, Principal
Forest Lawn High School


Questions & Answers

Information on the changes taking place at Forest Lawn High School including the modernization, Area 3 office and Chinook Learning (ELL/LINC).

Modernization Update

The construction status is updated using the Construction Projects Status Report that is presented monthly to the Board of Trustees.

Mar. 2018
Phases being identified. Project scope of work being elaborated.
​Note: Project managed by CBE. Consultants have been appointed and steering committee meetings have commenced.


Feb. 2018
Phases being identified. Project scope of work being elaborated.
​Note: Project managed by CBE. Consultants have been appointed and steering committee meetings have commenced.

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