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Busing & Transportation : Calgary Transit Pass Rebate
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Busing & Transportation

Calgary Transit Pass Rebate

Information about the 2018-19 rebate program will be available in September 2018. Please keep all of your passes and receipts as they will be required for a rebate.


The Calgary Board of Education has an online Calgary Transit Pass rebate program.

The CBE has contracted a third-party vendor to distribute rebates on behalf of the CBE. Parents have the option of using an online portal or mailing in their expired passes and receipts.

Provincial regulations provide direction on the students who qualify for a transit pass rebate. All Grade 6-12 students who attend their designated community school for a Regular Program, reside more than 2.4 km from the school and are assigned to Calgary Transit will qualify for a rebate. The rebate will also be extended to any student attending an Alternative Program that is located in the same school as their designated Regular Program.

CBE Transportation determines student eligibility.

The deadline to submit passes for rebate for the 2017-18 school year is July 31, 2018. If you have any concerns, contact CBE Transportation.

How to Claim Your Rebate for 2017-18

An email was sent on Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017 to parents/guardians of eligible students with a link to the online rebate portal. Families will be invited to register using the email the school has on file and the student’s postal code. 

If families do not have an email address on file at their school or if they have not subscribed to receive commercial emails​ they will receive a paper registration by mail.

The online portal can only be accessed by using the email address on file at their school. Families without an email address can register by mailing in the form and providing their student’s ID number and postal code. Please contact your school to add an email contact for your student.

It is important the families ensure their demographic information is up-to-date with their school.

To claim the rebate families will need to provide:

  • A cop​y of the expired monthly bus pass (scans or photos of the front and back of the pass can be uploaded online or mailed in)
  • A copy of the receipt of purchase (scans and photos can be uploaded online or mailed in) 

2017-18 Rebate

Identified students will be eligible to receive up to $549, the amount equal to the funding received by the CBE from the Provincial Government for their transportation.

Rebates will be issued by cheque or email money transfer. The vendor will not obtain any banking information from families.

For issues or concerns with a denied rebate, please email details to and it will be reviewed by the CBE Transit Pass Rebate Dispute Resolution Committee.

Families will qualify for a rebate up to $54.90 each month. If the student accessed the City of Calgary’s Fair Entry program to purchase a bus pass at a reduced rate, the full cost of the pass will be refunded based on the payment band (i.e. Band A, Band B, or Band C) under which the transit pass was purchased.​

Rebate – Traditional Calendar - 10 Month Eligible​
​Parent Receipt Rebate Paid ​Parent Receipt Rebate Paid
​​ September - December​ ​ January - June​ ​
Not qualified for
low income
support (Fair Entry)​
​$70.00 ​$54.90 ​$70.00 ​$54.90
​Band A ​$5.05 ​$5.05 ​$5.15 ​$5.15
​Band B ​$35.35 ​$35.35 ​$36.05 ​$36.05
​Band C ​$50.50 ​$50.50 ​$51.50 ​$51.50
Rebate – Modified Calendar - 11 Month Eligible 
​Parent Receipt Rebate Paid ​Parent Receipt Rebate Paid
​​ August
September  - June​
Not qualified for
low income
support (Fair Entry)​
$65.00 $54.90 ​$70.00 ​$54.90
​​August  - December ​January - June
​Band A ​$5.05​​ ​$5.05 ​$5.15 ​$5.15
​Band B ​$35.35 ​$35.35 ​$36.05 ​$36.05
​Band C ​$50.50 ​$50.50 ​$51.50 ​$51.50

 Contact Us



Rebate Portal/Submission Questions
t | 1-855-368-7113



Eligibility Questions
CBE Transportation



Fair Entry Program
City of Calgary
t | 311

Calgary Transit
t | 403-262-1000



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