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Use Google Workspace for Education ​for Classroom Learning​


Google Workspace for Education is provided to CBE students to support their learning in the classroom but should not be used for personal data.

DO use it for Classroom Learning

  • Assignments, research, collaborating with others, or communicating with your teachers.

DO NOT use it for personal data

  • DO NOT store your personal music, videos, or files in your CBE Google Workspace for Education account.
  • DO NOT use your CBE @educbe Gmail to sign up for personal subscriptions like social media, gaming, or for post-secondary applications.

Storage space is limited. New storage limits are coming to Google Workspace in the winter of 2022. Students must review their data in Google Drive and remove old or personal data. Learn how to manage your Google Workspace for Education data

Access isn’t forever. Students automatically lose access to their Google Workspace for Education account when they leave the CBE. Students leaving CBE can take data with them before they leave. ​