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Manage your Google Workspace for Education Data ​


CBE students must review and manage their data in Google Workspace for Education.

  • Google Workspace for Education is for classroom learning, not for personal use. Personal files and emails should not be put in Google Workspace for Education.
  • New storage limits are coming to G Suite in 2022. Students must review their data in Google Drive and remove old or personal data.
  • Students leaving CBE can take data with them before they leave.

See the Largest Files in your Google Drive
This is best done on a computer through the Chrome browser:

  • Log into Google with your account.
  • Open Google Drive.

  • Click on “Storage” (left hand column)
  • The folders and files are listed from largest to smallest in size.

Remove Files / Folders

  • Right click on an item/ folder. Choose Remove.
  • Click on the Trash. Your Trash will be deleted automatically in 30 days.
  • To permanently delete the items now, click on “Empty Trash”, then “Delete Forever”.

Move Files Out of G Suite