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All Calgary teachers c​an apply to be part of the Campus Calgary/Open Minds pro​gram. Check the Apply page​ for more information.


Are you a community site i​​nterested in hosting a Campus Calgary program? We would love to hear from you as the demand for CC/OM far exceeds our current sites. Contact the CC/OM operations team to learn more.


Investing in the community adds​ huge value.  In 2014, Chevron Canada embarked on a study of Campus Calgary/Open Minds. The social return on investment (SROI) results show that for every dollar invested into the program, whether by funder of the school boards, the benefit of the community averages $3.76. This aggregate benefit demonstrates the lasting impact of professional teacher development, increased job satisfaction and increased use of inquiry-based learning in the classroom. If you are interested in supporting a Campus Calgary site - contact us to learn more.


We value all contributio​ns from parents involved in the CC/OM program.  Thank you for volunteering to support the week of learning in the community and for your responses and feedback through letters, evaluations and conversations!  

Experts in our​ Communit​y

We are Calgary students ​and teachers out learning in our community!  We may be learning just outside your door or could even stop to chat with you and ask questions about the work you do!  Thank you for supporting Public Education in our city!


Have a story? Share​ with​​​ o​​thers o​n the CC/OM blog!

What is​​ t​​he #yycCCOM Blog​?

#yycCCOM reflects a collaborative approach to telling the story of Campus Calgary /Open Minds and its many community members, as well as its immeasurable benefits to all stakeholders.   This is an effort to share some of the learning stories related to impact  that occur within Campus Calgary/Open Minds every day.

We invite you to share​​​​ your sto​ry!

This project has the goal of sharing unique stories and important voices.  We invite you to share your own Campus Calgary/Open Minds story:

  • Story is impact focused.
  • A story from your point of view or group’s perspective.
  • Free of any agenda (political, ideological, etc.).  This space is to celebrate community.
  • Modeling of responsible digital citizenship and terms of engagement as identified by participating school districts.

 Contact Us

Jennifer Meredith

Learning Leader
Campus Calgary/Open Minds
Phone: 403.817.7510
​Cell: 403.819.5917

Natasha McKay

Learning Leader
Campus Calgary/Open Minds ​
Phone: 403.817.7583

Marta Albertin

Campus Calgary / Open Minds​
Phone: 403.615.8376

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Calgary Catholic School District

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