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Brightspace Parent Login Access​​

Parents log in via My CBE Account to access ​a variety of tools including Brightspace

There are two ways to log in and learn about your child's lea​rning in Brightspace:

  • My CBE Account login (parents) - Personal parent access to Brightspace via My CBE Account will allow parents to view their child's progress and assessment information but not directly access course content such as homework or news items at this time. 
    • From the "Brightspace by D2L" login page, under "Parents" click on “Login for Parents (My CBE Account)."
    • Watch this video to learn how to set up an account and log in to My CBE Account. 
    • Learn more about the Progress tool in Brightspace.
  • Brightspace login (students) -  Parents are encouraged to sit alongside their child as their child logs in to Brightspace to have meaningful conversations with the child around their learning.  Course content, news items and homework will be accessible in this way.

On the My CBE Account pag​e, parents can either log into their existing account, or create an account if they haven't done so already.

  • Parents must use the same email address that the school has on file to see or add their child(ren).
  • Parents should contact their child’s school with any questions or to update their email on file. 
  • We recommend that CBE Staff who are also parents use a non-CBE email address. 

Once logged in to My CBE Account, clic​k "D2L Parent Access" on the right side of the page for personal parent access to be taken into Brightspace.

Once logged in to Brightspace (via My CBE Account), parents will ​see help resources, a link back to My CBE Account, and a link to their child(ren) with the ability to see their child(ren)’s progress and assessment information in Brightspace.

Under “Progress and Assessment Information,” cl​ick on “List of Children.”  If you don't see your child listed, go back to My Accounts and add the child or contact your child's school.

Click on the child’s n​ame

Parents will then see the progress and ass​essment information for any of their child’s active Brightspace courses. Parents can navigate back to the main Brightspace page by clicking on “My Home” in the top left hand corner of the page.