SchoolEngage​ - Form Status​

Once a form is saved, the status of the form can be viewed.

To open a saved form, go to the Students menu and select the student name. The student forms will appear. Click the form name to expand the form information.

Status Types


The form has been processed by the school and the student registered.


The form was not processed by the school. The school will provide the reason why they were not able to process the form as well as what the parent, legal guardian or independent student needs to do next. 

In Progress

The school has received the form. They are in the process of confirming that entered information is complete and that where there is a supporting document, that the content on the form matches the document.


There are two types of New Status.

Green Circle

If the screen has a number in a green circle, as the example below, then the form has been submitted.

Parents / Legal Guardians / Independent Students are asked not to contact the school to confirm. Staff at the school will be in contact regarding the form if they have questions. The process of reviewing the registration form may take several weeks for those who live within the designated attendance area of the school. Registrations for those living outside of the designated attendance area will be processed some time between mid-March and June 12.

Red Circle

If the screen has a number in a red circle, as the example below, then the form has not been submitted yet. Open the form and complete the missing information, then Submit the form.