SchoolEngage​ - Complete a Form

Steps to Complete a Form:

Step 1: Add a New Form

  1. Click on Students.
  2. Select the student’s name.
    If you do not see the student’s name, click Add Student. If you need help with this process see Add Student.

  3. ​Once a student is selected, SchoolEngage displays the Student page. The page contains a Forms section.


  4. In the Forms section, click the New button next to a form name to start a new form for the student.

Step 2: Entering Form Information

When the form opens, begin entering information.

  • Required fields are bordered in red and cannot be skipped.
  • Fields with specific format like a date will display a hint.


Important | Required fields must be completed before you can go to the next step.

Once completed, use the Next > button to advance to the next page. The changes will be automatically saved.


Use the Save button to save all your changes and finish the form at a later date.


The STEPS display your progress.

Step 3: Uploading a Document

Certain forms require documentation to be uploaded before they can be processed (e.g., proof of address, copy of a child’s birth certificate). A digital copy of the document can be uploaded into SchoolEngage.

Note | attaching required documents may expedite processing of the form.

Digital Document

To create a digital document, take a photo or scan then save the file to your computer / device*.

*Some devices like smartphones have a scanning feature/application.

Acceptable Formats

The uploaded document(s) must be in a JPG, PNG or PDF format only.


  1. Select Yes to begin the upload process.

  2. Click the Upload Required button.

  3. From File Category dropdown, select the document type in the list (e.g., Canadian Birth Certificate).

  4. Drag and drop the document onto the Drop Files Here area or Browse to locate and upload the document from your computer / device. Once the document is uploaded, it will be visible in the Upload Files area.

To add another document, repeat the steps above. If the uploaded file does not meet certain criteria (e.g., clarity, valid expiration) the school will request that the legal guardians / independent students book an appointment to provide these documents in person. See “Step 8: Add Documents after Form Submission” below.

Step 4: Save a Form

  • Information is automatically saved as each step is completed. Completed pages will turn white in STEPS.
  • A form can be started and completed later, by using the Save button.
  • A blue completion status bar is displayed at the top of the page:

Step 5. Close and Open a Form

To leave a form at any time, click the Close button.


To open a saved form, go to the Students menu and select the student name. The student forms will appear. Click the form name to expand the form information then click the Open button (blue form) to re-open the form.

Step 6: Incomplete Form Notifications

Forms which are saved but not yet submitted will show a red notification on the SchoolEngage home page and on the Student page.

For example, you may see a red circle beside an incomplete form or the warning “form requires attention”.

  • Click the Open button in the form tools to edit and submit incomplete forms.

Note | The school will not be able to view or process the form until it has been submitted.


Step 7: Submit a Form

A form cannot be submitted until you reach the last page, where you will have an option to Submit.

Note | Once you Submit, you can NOT change information in this form.


Step 8: Add Documents after Form Submission

If documents were not loaded during the initial submission of the form, they can still be added after the form has been submitted.

  • Go to the Student page where the submitted form is displayed.

  • Click on the blue up arrow icon  to Upload Files and follow the upload instructions.

Important | If a file is not provided with submission or if the uploaded file does not meet certain criteria (e.g., clarity, valid expiration) the school will request that the legal guardian / independent student book an appointment to provide these documents in person.​​​​