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Support for Brightspace

Brightspace is only enabled / turned on / accessible for all staff and only students in grades 5-12 as of the 2021-2022 school year, based on lower usage in the early grades and a desire to steward our resources wisely.

What is Brightspace


Brightspace is CBE's supported learning management system providing a flexible, secure online environment in grades 5-12 where students and teachers can access their courses - digital spaces that serve as an online classroom with tools designed to facilitate teaching and learning, just like in your face-to-face classroom.

Talk to your child’s grade 5-12 teacher to learn more about how they are using Brightspace in their classroom. ​​

Check out our help pages to learn more.

Student Help 

Parent Help

Community Partner Help 

Need more help?  

The following is available: 

  • ​All students can contact their teacher or school office for help. 
  • Students learning from home can contact Parent Technical Support for performance, connection, and login issues. ​​​
  • Check out  CBE System Status to see if there is an outage.