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​MyCBE / PowerSchool - CBE Parent Account Help Line

Parent Account ​Help Line: 403-817-6373​


​What Is It?

A phone line to assist parents who are having trouble setting up a Parent Account in MyCBE / PowerSchool. Learn more​ about MyCBE / PowerSchool.

Support is provided in English only.

What Kind of Support is Provided?

Agents can help​​ parents with:

    • The creation of a new account 
    • The request of access keys required to create an account
    • The addition of students to a parent account

Agents cannot help pa​rents:

    • Access personal information within My CBE / PowerSchool 
    • Verify email addresses, student IDs or birthdates
    • Solve computer software or internet connection problems
    • Answer questions about Fees or Transportation 

Hours of Service

Callers who do not reach an agent directly may hold for assistance or leave a message for call back suppo​rt.

Monday - Thursd​​ay

​​8 am - 7 pm


8 am - 6 pm

Weekends & H​olidays



What if Callers Do Not Speak English?

  • If possible, agents will ask to speak to someone in the household who can act as a conduit / translator.
  • ESL callers can view help content in different languages on this website using Google Translate.​

What Information Must Be Changed or Updated In-Person at the School?

Any demographic information such as:

    • ​​Student's personal information
    • Address
    • Contact email address
    • Custody information