Kindergarten is the start of an exciting adventure for your child. These early years are a time of significant development and positive learning experiences.

Registration for the 2015-16 kindergarten school year runs from Jan. 12, 2015 to September 2015.


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See our kindergarten information (pdf)
Flyer (pdf) | Arabic | Chinese | French | Punjabi | Spanish | Tagalog | Urdu | Vietnamese

When does my child begin kindergarten?

Use our kindergarten calculator to find out when your child can start school:

Kindergarten is an optional program but children must start school if they are six years old as of Sept. 1, 2014. Kindergarten information sessions for parents are usually held at each school before the end of June, so be sure to attend if you can.

What is my child's designated school?

  • Every child in Calgary has a designated school at the CBE. Click here to find yours or you can enter your address to find your school here. If you have any questions, call 403-817-7955.
  • Most children are able to attend school in their community. However, if the local school is full, another school in a nearby community is designated to serve children from your area.
  • Most CBE kindergarten programs are half-day, offered either in the morning or in the afternoon. Hours and days of operation vary from school to school.

How do I REGISTER MY CHILD FOR kindergarten?

You can register your child for kindergarten from Jan. 12, 2015 until September 2015. You must register in person at your local elementary school with proof of your child’s name, date of birth, and citizenship.

Only the following documents are accepted:

  • birth certificate
  • Canadian citizenship certificate
  • passport
  • baptismal certificate
  • court order

You will also need to bring information that confirms your address. here for more information on registering your child (including registration forms) information for schools that are at capacity


Non-Canadian citizens

If your child is not a Canadian citizen, you will need to register at the admissions office at Kingsland Centre. The admissions office will register your child into your designated school.

Phone 403-777-7373 to make an appointment. Kingsland Centre is located at 7430 5th Street S.W. Calgary. Click here to see a map.

You will need to provide legal proof of your child’s name, date of birth, and citizenship status in Canada. The following documents are acceptable:

  • permanent resident card or confirmation of permanent residence or record of landing
  • parent’s valid work permit or study permit and your child's birth certificate

You will also need to bring information that confirms your address.


  • Two-way transportation is arranged for kindergarten children who attend their designated school and live within the established transportation service area.
  • Bus maps are available from the school three days before classes start. Contact your child’s school or Transportation Services at 403-817-7433 for details.
  • For more information on transportation, visit:

Kindergarten options

While every child has a designated school, some parents may choose an alternative program. Here are the alternative kindergarten programs offered for 2013-14:

Languages | Chinese, French, German, Spanish

All Boys
Chinese (Mandarin) Bilingual
French Immersion
German Bilingual
Spanish Bilingual
Traditional Learning Centre

For further information about our alternative kindergarten programs, please call


Most CBE schools offer half-day kindergarten programs; however full-day kindergarten programs are offered in a few communities where data shows children would most benefit from additional time spent in a kindergarten program. A ranking system that takes several factors into account is performed yearly to determine which schools will receive full-day kindergarten.

The statistics used to determine full-day kindergarten schools are updated every year. This means that schools that offer full-day kindergarten may change every year.

Where full-day kindergarten is available, parents may choose to have their child attend for half of the full- day program.

Registrations for full-day kindergarten can be accepted only for children living in the school’s designated area.

Contact your designated school for registration information. For more information, please contact Deb Bailey at

Supporting your child are your child's first and most important teacher. Parents play an on-going role in their child's education. Consider volunteering in the classroom or becoming a member of the school council. Research shows that if parents are involved in the school, children learn better.

Most importantly, you can support your child at home by talking about the school day and displaying his or her work. “Getting Ready for kindergarten” has some simple ideas on preparing your child for kindergarten. Also provided is a document entitled “Ideas for Parents” which outlines a number of simple, enjoyable activities for you to try at home with your kindergarten-aged child throughout the school year.

More information

What is kindergarten?

In kindergarten, children explore and experiment with their environment and learn how to interact with others. Kindergarten helps children build on the skills they’ve already learned at home and in their communities, as well as addresses all dimensions of children’s development, including:

  • language arts, science, mathematics, social studies and the fine arts
  • decision-making
  • personal and social responsibility
  • effective communication
  • demonstrating their knowledge in different ways

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