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Fees & Waivers : Fees & Waivers
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Fees & Waivers

Fees & Waivers

This spring the Provincial Government introduced Bill 1 – An Act to Reduce School Fees. This new bill will have an impact on school and transportation fees across the province. 

For the 2017-18 school year, the CBE Instructional Supplies and Materials fees will no longer be charged. Optional courses, educational enhancements, programs of choice, travel, and extra-curricular activities will still have associated fees.  
The CBE fee schedule has been sent to Alberta Education for review and approval. We expect to have more information about fees and waivers later in the summer. We are committed to making that information available to our families as soon as it is available. Payment arrangement deadline will be the end of October.
Thank you for your understanding and patience with the different process this year.



​The CBE 2016-17 operating budget was approved by the Board of Trustees on June 21, 2016. Fees for the 2016-17 school year are finalized. To keep fees as low as possible, the CBE is committed to being as efficient as possible in the provision of services. Costs of providing the services include direct labour and supplies, as well as the cost of fee waivers and uncollectible accounts.

It’s important to know that we have a waiver process for families who can’t afford to pay the fees.

2016-17 Fees
Instructional Supplies and Materials (ISM)
(no change from 2015-16)
Kindergarten                                     $15
Elementary (Grades 1-6)                    $30
Junior High (Grades 7-9)                  $137
Senior High (Grades 10-12)              $152
Noon Supervision
(no change from 2015-16)
4-day program                                $255
4/5-day program                             $275
5-day program                                $285
($35 increase from 2015-16)
$335 for all yellow school bus riders

School-based and course specific fees will be provided by each school.

This letter was sent home to parents from schools on Friday, June 3.

This letter was sent home to parents from schools on Wednesday, June 22.

Current 2016-17 Fees

Instructional Supplies and Materials Fees (charged per-student)

Instructional Supplies and Materials Fees ​2016-17
​Kindergarten - half-day program ​$15
Kindergarten - full-day program when offered $30
​Elementary (Grades 1-6) ​$30
Junior High (Grades 7-9) ​$137
Senior High (Grades 10 to 12)​ ​$152
Refundable Security Deposit
​Junior High (Grades 7-9) ​$50
Senior High (Grades 10-12) ​$50
Questions? Please contact your school ​PAY FEES


The following fees are charged to students using the service 

Transportation Fees

Yellow Bus Transportation​ ​2016-17
​Eligible Rider ​$335
​Conditional Rider ​$335
​Questions? Contact 403-817-7888 ​PAY FEES
Calgary Transit​ (public transportation) ​2016-17
​Grades 6-9 as designated and all 10-12 ​$65 monthly
​Questions? Contact 403-817-7888 ​ 

Elementary Noon Supervision Fee

​*Kindergarten (full-day) and Grades 1-6 ​2016-17
​4-day program ​$255
​4/5-day program ​$275
​5-day program ​$285
​Schools with noon supervision programs
Questions? Contact 403-817-7888 ​​REGISTER/PAY

Incidental Activity Fees for Students at Lunchtime

​Incidental Activity Fees (may be charged by schools) ​2016-17
​Elementary (Grades 1 to 6) ​$10
​Junior High (Grades 7 to 9) ​$30
Questions? Please contact your school PAY FEES

Musical Instrument Registration Fees

​All Programs ​2016-17
​Annual $100
Questions? Please contact your school ​PAY FEES

Student Parking Fee

​Parking ​2016-17
​Maximum annual fee ​$40
Questions? Please contact your school ​PAY FEES

Non-Resident Student Fees

​Non-Resident Student Fees ​2016-17
Kindergarten​ ​$4,620
​Elementary ​$9,235
​Junior High ​$7,800
​Senior High School - CBe-learn per course ​$870
​Senior High School - Other Programs ​$8,135
​Students With Exceptional Needs Add:
​Mild or Moderate Disabilities ​$4,275
​Severe Disabilities ​$15,360
​English Language Learner Basic Support ​$1,160
Specialized Individual Student Costs (if provided) add:
​Education Assistant (1.0 FTE - 10 month) ​$60,436
​Transportation ​Actual Cost
​Institutions ​Actual Cost
​Questions? Contact Global Learning at 403-817-7711




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Questions about fees & waivers

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 My CBE Account

My CBE Account

Click the button to pay fees, apply for a waiver, or register for noon supervision.

Fees and waivers


 Fee Waivers


​If you can’t afford the fees, you may be eligible to have them waived (including but not limited to):

  • If you receive assistance from provincial social services
  • If your family is eligible for the Alberta Child Health Benefit
  • If you are a government sponsored conventional refugee
  • If your children are treaty status living below an income threshold based on family size
  • More information

Waiver information in other languages


 Fee Waiver Forms

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