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Teaching Philosophy : Traditional Learning Centre

Teaching Philosophy

Traditional Learning Centre

The Traditional Learning Centre (TLC) uses teacher-directed instruction and character education to foster reflective thinking, continuous learning and responsible citizenship. It provides an academically rigorous program that celebrates cultural diversity and commonly held values. The virtues-oriented school environment prepares students to meet the moral, technological and global challenges of the 21st century.


  • Students can register at any grade level, depending on candidate suitability and available space
  • Must follow the application process described below

Program Characteristics

Character Education is:
  • Intentionally taught and reinforced daily
  • Embedded in every subject, as appropriate
  • Demonstrated through service to the school, local and global community
  • Demonstrated as respect for self, others and the environment
  • Intentionally recognized through multicultural events
  • Whole group direct instruction that is sequential and enriched as the primary teaching approach
  • Students are provided with a structured, orderly setting appropriate to the learning activity
  • K – Grade 4 students are in straight grades. Students are grouped by skill ability for language arts and mathematics. Early literacy includes explicit instruction in phonics, spelling, and grammar. Horizontal enrichment opportunities are available to challenge students based on their achievement.
  • Grades 5-9 students are in straight grades in Language Arts and Math and in electives, as needed. Students may be grouped by skill ability for core. Opportunities are provided for horizontal and vertical enrichment in preparation for high school programming.
Liberal arts education
  • French as a second language begins in Grade 1 and is mandatory to Grade 9
  • Music is mandatory until the end of Grade 9 with Band beginning in the middle school setting

Student Outcomes

Skills and abilities:
  • Demonstrate competencies and achievement at grade level
  • Demonstrate age appropriate self-management and organizational skills
  • Demonstrate respect for self, others and the environment

Student Attributes

  • Willingness to take ever-increasing responsibility and ownership for their own learning (independent work within a structured setting)
  • Willingness to participate in positive social interactions, engage in problem solving and model good character
  • Willingness to undertake a leadership role in the school, including citizenship and service
  • Willingness to accept the challenge of a rigorous academic curriculum and an eagerness for knowledge and service

Family Support

  • Committed to the TLC philosophy and methodology
  • Committed to full student participation in the TLC program and all of its requirements

Application Process

The Alternative Program is currently reviewing its application process. Please check back after December 18th for updated registration information and associated documents. Use the Find a School tool located above to determine your designated school, and check that school's website for information regarding upcoming parent information sessions.


  • See Fees page for fees that apply to all CBE students
  • Uniform cost (approximately $400.00)


  • Parents should carefully consider their transportation needs and the transportation service we offer for alternative programs with congregated stops.

More information

  • Visit school websites
  • Contact schools



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