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Busing & Transportation : Getting Students to School
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Busing & Transportation

Getting Students to School

The 2017-18 transportation service levels and fees were announced on May 16, 2017.
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About 37,000 students are transported to Calgary Board of Education schools every day by yellow buses, Calgary Transit, taxi, and/or Handi-bus. The reasons students require transportation are varied. In some cases, it is because funding for new schools has not kept pace with the growth of new communities, resulting in students needing to travel to schools out of their neighbourhoods. In other cases, families choose to send their children to alternative programs that may not be located in their neighbourhoods. Other students have special learning needs are best met in unique settings. 


The Student Transportation Guide provides detailed information for parents for about registration processes, busing guidelines and provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.  


Click here to find your child’s 2016-17 yellow school bus route map. Maps are organized by school name and route letter. Schools that have more than eight buses will also have an overview document to help parents identify their child's route map letter. Please check back if you do not see your child's route map, we will continue to add maps as routes are confirmed.

On May 31, 2016, the CBE announced 2016-17 transportation service levels and fee.

For the 2016-17 school year, we will continue to work within our current CBE guidelines, where feasible, for yellow school bus transportation that elementary students will access a stop within 1.6 km of their homes and middle school/junior high students will access a stop within 1.8 km of their homes. This year, we anticipate that most students in a regular program and the larger alternative programs such as French, Spanish and TLC, will have a yellow school bus stop within 1000 m from home. This will be possible because of the higher density of student population within a community accessing these schools and programs.

Students in some non-language alternative programs will return to the use of congregated stops where it is not feasible financially to do otherwise. In most cases, these students will return to congregated stops, similar to service offered in the 2014-15 school year.

Transportation Engagement

In the spring of 2016, the CBE began engaging with parents, students, staff and community members as it develops a long-term transportation strategy for student transportation.

Visit the transportation engagement page for more information and details about how you can subscribe to receive updates.

Applying for Busing

Parents can register their child for yellow school bus transportation for regular and alternative programs online using their My CBE Account. Pre-registration took place from May 17 to June 12, 2016. Registrations will continue to be accepted throughout the summer and into the new school year.

Complete one registration per family and include all students eligible for all modes of transportation—except Calgary Transit. If you are applying for a waiver of fees, you must also complete this contract. 

Cancelling Busing

Parents/guardians who submitted at pre-registration will receive a confirmation email in September. You can cancel your transportation pre-registration with no financial penalty by filling in the cancellation option in this confirmation email and returning it to the Calgary Board of Education by email before Sept. 30, 2016.

Cancellation forms are also available and must be completed before a pro-rated refund can be considered.

For the 2016-17 school year, no refunds will be processed for service cancelled after April 30, 2017 or for individual trip delays.

Conditional Riders

Conditional riders refer to those students who are approved to ride a yellow school bus when they are not otherwise eligible for service. This may occur when:

  • There is an existing bus stop that is closer to home than the distance to school for a student who is outside of the transportation service area.
  • The student is not attending their designated school, in either a Regular or Alternative program.
  • The student is not attending their designated school for a Regular Program but has a sibling in an Alternative Program at the same school.
  • The student has a sibling on a Complex Learning Needs route and wants to ride to the same school, using the same form of transportation. This applies even if it is their designated school but not the normal means of transportation.

To be accepted as a conditional rider, students:

  • Must access an existing stop.
  • Must be told by Transportation Services that there is space on the bus.
  • Must pay the transportation fee; fees are not waived for conditional riders.

No bus routes or additional buses will be put in place to accommodate conditional riders. Ridership is not guaranteed and must be applied for every year. Requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Parents must wait for written approval from Transportation Services before starting to ride the bus. In some cases approval may be provided before school starts. In others, we have to wait to make sure there will be room on the bus, including space for late registrations or new students.

The Conditional Rider School Bus Transportation registration begins after regular registration closes.

NOTE: Transportation Services is unable to respond to telephone or email inquiries regarding possible dates for approval.

Parents must have alternate transportation arrangements in place until approval is received, or in case registration is not approved. Principals accepting a student from outside a school’s designated area must advise parents of the family responsibility for transportation.

Transportation to New/Emerging Communities

Transportation from new or emerging communities which are still undergoing construction and development of roadways does not always align with regular transportation guidelines. The challenge in these new communities is that there is often no safe path clear of obstructions (construction supplies and equipment) on City maintained roads for the yellow bus to enter and circle around as needed.

Yellow school bus service for K-9 students will include:

  • stops that are as safe as possible to access for both students and buses. This may be in a neighbouring community.
  • stops that are located at the same distances for students in similar programs in developed areas, where possible and safe to do so.

Transportation Services will regularly monitor safety and progress of construction and roads in new areas, and change the location of stops as required during the year.

If there is no Calgary Transit service in the community, CBE will provide yellow bus service to high school students.


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