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Busing & Transportation : Getting Students to School
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Busing & Transportation

Getting Students to School

About 37,000 students are transported to Calgary Board of Education schools every day. The reasons for this are varied. In some cases, it is because funding for new schools has not kept pace with the growth of new communities; resulting in students needing to travel to schools out of their neighbourhoods. In other cases, families choose to send their children to alternative programs. Some students’ exceptional learning needs are best met in special settings outside their neighbourhoods. As a result, CBE students use either school buses, Calgary Transit, taxi, and/or Handi-bus to transport students.

New for 2015-16

  • On September 4 the Chief Superintendent directed Administration to take the necessary steps to ensure that all students riding yellow school buses will be accessing stops in alignment with the travel distances of 1.6 and 1.8 km for elementary and junior high students.
    It is important to note that as we plan safe and accessible bus stop locations, there may be slight variances in distances for some students to ensure safety of the location. 
    As of October 27, 2015 the CBE added 81 new buses. Approximately 27,000 students ride 851 yellow buses, serving 1,095 routes.
  • The CBE is no longer offering rebates on Calgary Transit passes at schools. Parents are still able to claim bus passes on their income tax. 
  • More students in Grades 6-9 will use Calgary Transit instead of a yellow school bus. Parents were notified if this change impacted their child’s school in June 2015. 
  • Some schools may be required to adjust their start and end time by up to 10 minutes in order to accommodate these changes.
  • No changes are planned for routes and stops for students with complex learning needs.

Applying for Busing

As of June 1, 2015, parents can register their child for yellow school bus transportation for regular and alternative programs online using their My CBE Account.

Complete one registration per family and include all students eligible for all modes of transportation—except Calgary Transit. If you are applying for a waiver of fees, you must also complete this contract. 

Cancelling Busing

You will be eligible for a full refund if you cancel your service prior to October 30, 2015.

After October 30, 2015, an administration fee equal to a student's monthly fee will be charged to process refunds. A pro-rated refund will be sent to the forwarding address indicated on the form.

All requests for refunds must be submitted within 30 days of the last day the student rode the bus AND by April 30, 2016. No refunds will be processed for service cancelled after April 30 or for individual trip delays.

Conditional Riders

Students who are not attending the designated school for their program, or who are not within the transportation service area may be able to access existing service if there is a suitable stop on the existing bus route. Fees will not be waived for Conditional Riders.

Criteria for conditional riders:

  • Must access an existing stop
  • Must be room on the bus
  • Must pay the transportation fee
  • No additional bus routes will be implemented to accommodate conditional riders
  • Must wait for written approval from Transportation Services before starting to ride the bus

The Expression of Interest for School Bus Transportation for Conditional Riders form has been discontinued. The Conditional Rider School Bus Transportation registration form will only be available mid-September once the forms of all eligible riders have been processed.

Conditional riders are not permitted to ride the bus until it is determined there is space on the bus and riders have been approved by Transportation Services.


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