Fees and Waivers

Fees for the 2014-15 school year

We wish the CBE didn’t have to charge fees but they are an unfortunate reality. In some cases, government funding doesn’t cover the full cost of providing programs and services to our students. Fees are charged to cover the gap between the cost of programs and services and the funding.

Many difficult decisions were made in creating the 2014-15 operating budget, including the decision to no longer subsidize fees with instructional dollars. This will result in fee increases for the 2014-15 school year. It’s important to know that we have a waiver system for families who can’t pay.

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payment options
fee waivers
frequently asked questions (pdf)
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Instructional Supplies and Materials Fees (mandatory per-student fee)

Instructional Supplies and Materials Fees
Kindergarten (Half day)
Kindergarten (Full day program when offered)


Elementary (Grades 1 to 6)


Junior High (Grades 7 to 9)


Senior High (Grades 10 to 12)


Refundable Security Deposit  
Junior High (Grades 7 to 9)


Senior High (Grades 10 to 12)


Questions? Please contact your school.

Transportation Fees

Calgary Transit (public transportation)


Grades 7 to 9 as designated and all 10- 12 (net of rebate of $19.00 monthly)*


Conditional Rider


School Bus Transportation


Kindergarten to Grade 9 school bus transportation


Questions? Contact 403-817-7888.

Elementary Noon Supervision Fee

*Kindergarten (full-day) and Grades 1 to 6


4-day program


4/5-day program


5-day program


Questions? Contact 403-817-7888.
Schools with noon supervision programs (pdf)

Incidental Activity Fees for Students at Lunchtime

Incidental Activity Fees


Elementary (Grades 1 to 6)


Junior High (Grades 7 to 9)


Questions? Please contact your school.

Musical Instrument Registration Fees

All Programs




Questions? Please contact your school.
Musical Instrument Registration and Rental Agreement Form (pdf)

Student Parking Fee (annual)

Maximum annual fee


Questions? Please contact your school.

Non-Resident Student Fees

Non-Resident Student Fees




Junior High


Senior High School - CBe-learn per course


Senior High School - Other Programs


Students with exceptional needs  Add:  

Mild or Moderate Disabilities


Severe Disabilities


English Language Learner Basic Support


Specialized Individual Student Costs (if provided)  add:  

Education Assistant (1.0 FTE – 10 month)



Actual Cost


Actual Cost

Questions? Contact Global Learning at 403-817-7711

For more detailed information, please read the full fee schedule (pdf).

Fee waivers

If you can’t afford the fees, there are several ways for the fees to be waived including but not limited to:

  • you receive assistance from provincial social services;
  • your family is eligible for the Alberta Child Health Benefit;
  • you are a government sponsored conventional refugee; or
  • your children are treaty status living below an income threshold based on family size.

2014-15 School Year

Questions? Contact 403-817-7888.

Waiver information in other languages

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